Friday, February 1, 2008

The Green Arrow trick-arrow finale!

Okay, yesterday I took a break from Sally's Green Arrow challenge 'cause I was all excited about Green Lama and Project Superpowers #0. So, it's time to make up that missed day!

First, though, I just gotta make fun of Speedy here:

That's right. Sexy magic-users are better than Viagra -- right, Roy? (Hang on, though ... Shafts? Oh, never mind.)

All right -- enough of that. Time to move on to Ollie and his, um, shafts.

Here we have Ollie using a paint arrow to get Superman out of a jam:

Waitaminute ... There's LEAD in that paint?!?! For shame, Ollie! Thought you were supposed to be an environmentalist! Think of the children! The CHILDREN!

(Not only that -- what the heck is Superman doing hanging around a kryptonite fire hydrant? Maybe this'll teach him not to take Krypto on walks around Lex Luthor's neighborhood.)

Next up, we have this little altercation involving Ollie, Batman, and Etrigan, the Demon. Now, I have to say that any arrow capable of shutting up Etrigan is NOT a bad thing:

That's right, Batman. RESPECT THE ARROWS!

Last, but certainly not least, is perhaps the most potent and useful arrow in Ollie's entire collection of trick arrows: The Jerk Magnet arrow!

1 comment:

SallyP said...


You WIN!

Really, the lead paint arrow, is just so non-PC, that I'm surprised at Ollie.

They are ALL good, but really, the "jerk-magnet" arrow is the BEST!