Sunday, May 10, 2015

My unintentional Mother’s Day present

Last night, Mr. Sea, Mighty Mite (who is seven years old) and I were watching SciFi Saturday Night on MeTV. I’ve mentioned this before: MeTV on Saturday nights has what I consider to be the greatest TV show lineup in broadcast history, consisting of 1950s Superman, 1960s Batman, 1970s Wonder Woman, classic Star Trek, and then Svengoolie and whatever weird old horror movie he’s showing for the evening. Really, geek TV doesn’t get much better.

Anyway, we were watching the Batman episode, “Tut’s Case is Shut,” which shows Batman (Adam West) at one point drinking six glasses of buttermilk to counter a drug used by King Tut.

As she’s watching Batman drink all that buttermilk, Mighty Mite says, very casually, “Wow. He’s gonna fart a LOT.”

I swear on my grandfather’s grave -- In all of the 48 years I’ve been a Batman fan, not once -- NOT ONCE -- have I ever come close to entertaining the idea of Batman farting. Villains farting, sure. Other heroes farting -- Spider-Man, Superman, the Human Torch -- sure. NEVER Batman. Don’t ask me why I never thought of Batman farting. I have no idea. Maybe some subconscious part of me just thought Batman was too cool to fart. Sure, I’ve imagined Batman in plenty of other embarrassing and funny situations. NEVER farting.

I couldn’t help it. I started laughing. Mighty Mite then drew me a picture:

So, Happy Mother’s Day to me. My kid has introduced me to the idea of Batman farting.

Oh, geez loweez…! What if WONDER WOMAN farts?!


SallyP said...

Wonder Woman doesn't fart... she glows.

Have I mentioned that Mighty Mite is fabulous?

Sea-of-Green said...

Glowing farts? ;-)