Saturday, June 18, 2011

I just can't seem to get out of this business!

One of these days, I'm going to learn to never say “never.” Years ago, I said I was never gonna get married. I didn't WANT to be married, or so I thought. Then I met Mr. Sea, and … well, so much for the “never gonna get married” idea.

I once said I never wanted to be an editor – and then, for the next 20+ years, I ended up working as a book editor for various publishing companies. So much for my original plan of working in advertising.

I once said I never wanted to have kids. I was ADAMANT about it – I was never gonna have kids – and then Mighty Mite came into my life. I wouldn't trade the little bugger for ANYTHING.

I once said I never wanted to be an author – and then I ended up writing and publishing a novel.

THEN, last July (geez, has it really been almost a year?) I left my publishing job and told myself I was never going back into publishing. NEVER.

Once again, the gods looked down, pointed at me, and said, “Yeah, that's what YOU think! HaHAhahahahaHAhahahahaaaaaaa!” Sigh.

Believe it or not, Indianapolis is a big publishing town. True, it's mostly nonfiction publishing, which isn't terribly glamorous – but it can still make for a fun work environment, if you get to work with the right people. The really cool thing is, with the exception of a handful of editors who are isolationists, most Indy book editors know each other and have worked with each other at one time or another (leading editors to joke about what an incestuous business publishing is). I've found that staying in touch with fellow editors I've enjoyed working with definitely pays off.

At the end of February, an old boss of mine – one of the best bosses I've ever had – contacted me out of the blue and offered me a job at one of the biggest publishing companies in the world. Years ago, I told myself that if I EVER had a chance to work with this particular boss again, I would go for it. Figures she would do this to me, darn it. So, once again, I'm working in publishing, despite my best attempt to escape the industry. The twist is, though I do now have an office at one of the most prestigious locations in Indianapolis, I can make my own hours and do most of my work from home. I've NEVER had that kind of freedom before. It's NICE – and I recognize that I'm extraordinarily lucky to be in this position. I'm not gonna waste it.

So, that' s why I haven't been blogging – I'm working again, and when I'm not doing my paying job, I'm working on my house. One of the drawbacks of working from home is, while I'm busy doing my job, I'm also looking around my house and thinking things like, “DAMN, that wall needs repainting.” In other words, I've been working like a mad fiend of late. I'll probably continue working like a mad fiend, so blogging will continue to be sporadic at best.

In other news:

-- Mighty Mite is now THREE years old. THREE! Can you believe it? She's also a massive Beatles fan. Her favorite Beatle changes from day to day. It's always either John, George, or Ringo – but NEVER Paul. When naming off the Beatles, she always adds Paul to the lineup as an afterthought. Too funny.

-- Yes, yes -- I heard about DC's latest reboot, and I pretty much reacted to the whole thing with one big yawn. I mean, it's not like DC hasn't done this a zillion times before -- starting WAY back during the mid-1950s. (Yes, Barry Allen's original debut as the Flash was a REBOOT, folks.) Some of the changes will suck, and some won't. As long as they aren't messing with the main Green Lantern title, I really don't give a flying flip what DC does this time.

-- Like many DC Universe Online fans, I was kicked out of the environment when the PlayStation Network went down a couple of months ago thanks to those hackers. Yeah, well, whatever. It didn't stop me from using the PlayStation for its basic functions (music, Netflix, DVD and Blu-Ray viewing, DVD-ROM gameplay, Web surfing), and I'm finally caught up on some of the hardcopy games I've had sitting around. Everything's back online now, though, and I've been having a HECK of a great time playing the new Green Lantern video game. More on that in another post.

-- YES, I've seen the Green Lantern movie. It's not in the same class as The Dark Night or Spider-Man 2, but I LOVED it – and I've been a Green Lantern (and Hal Jordan) fan most of my life. Again, more on that in a later post.

Glad to see so many other comic book fans are still bloggin' right along!


MetFanMac said...

Congrats on the great new job! :D

For a second there I misread "Beatles" as "Beetles". Oh well. I assume, however, that you will dutifully indoctrinate MM in all the gloriosity of Ted and Jaime? ;)

Richard Bensam said...

A new blog post from you was one of those things I wouldn't even let myself hope for...but it wasn't until this actually appeared that I realized how much I'd been missing updates from you. Do this again from time to time, okay?

SallyP said...

Good Heavens, it does sound as though you are incredibly busy. I'm glad that you are working and painting, and doing...stuff.

I can't believe that Mighty Mite is now three. They have this habit of growing SO fast.

You're right about the DC thingie too of course. It's been done before and it will inevitably be done again. I would imagine that quite a few of the new books being rolled out in September will only last for a few issues. I can't imagine that Liefeld is even going to make it to issue #5, before he sees something shiny and loses interest. Fortunately for us, the Green Lantern books won't be affected much by all the folderol.

googum said...

Good to hear you're doing well, Sea!

Saw Green Lantern yesterday, and it was all right. (I liked Thor better, but admittedly am more of a Thor fan.) I think Hal bogs down every time anyone tries to explain away "fearless," though: he's only fearless because the ring lobotomized him, he's fearless because he has nothing to lose, he's fearless in that he can will through fear, etc.

Sea-of-Green said...

LOL! Ah, the old lobotomy theory. :-) Y'know, Hal being lobotomized wouldn't surprise me in the slightest. He's SUCH a dunderhead. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Sea!

Servo said...

Congrat, Sea! And good luck with your new job. Was interested to hear your take on the Green Lantern movie, and it didn't disappoint in its insight.

bryon said...

Glad to see you back and to know you're doing so well! I had been looking forward to any new post, but especially a review of the new movie.

Sea-of-Green said...

THANKS, everyone! :-D

Saranga said...

Welcome back!!! I've been a bit slow on the old reading blogs front recently, so only just saw this, but am so glad to see you're back!

Congrats on the job, and how is your book going???

Sea-of-Green said...

The book is going VERY slowly. It's almost like, it WANTS to be written but is AFRAID to be written. :-(