Friday, July 9, 2010

I quit.

I am an incredibly lucky person. I don’t make this statement to brag. I make it because to claim otherwise would smack of ignorance. No, I don’t have a lot of money -- I don’t measure luck that way. Rather, I have a good family, I’ve had a good education, I’ve never gone hungry, I’ve never gone without a roof over my head, and I’ve had steady employment since I was old enough to legally enter the job market. I know I’ve been lucky in that regard, and that a great many people in the world haven’t been so lucky.

Mr. Sea is also a lucky person. In spite of the lousy economy, he’s been able to find a career that he very much enjoys, with an employer that offers fair pay and benefits. My employer also offers fair pay and benefits, but nearly half of my paycheck currently goes toward what I need to do in order to EARN that paycheck. In other words, the amount of money I spend on things that enable me to have a job in the first place -- fuel, breakfasts and lunches at the office, Mighty Mite’s full-time preschool, etc. -- takes up nearly half of my annual earnings. That’s ridiculous.

Another problem: I’ve been a book editor for twenty years. Seven years ago, I climbed as far as I want to climb professionally. As a result, there’s a sense of stagnation that I just haven’t been able to shake in the past few years. It’s been driving me crazy.

Plus, I remember what the job market was like when I first graduated from college. I was armed with a double B.A. in Journalism and English, ready to tackle any career path that was open to me. I initially thought I wanted to work in advertising, but there were too many things about the field that struck me as downright dishonest. Being a reporter was also out of the question -- I just don’t have the temperament for that sort of thing. So, I turned my attention to publishing. However, the economy being what it was at the time (lousy), in order to get a job in publishing, I literally had to wait for someone to quit, retire, or DIE before a position opened. I ended up working in retail for three years -- until finally, one day, someone DID retire from a publishing position. I succeeded in sticking my foot in the door, and the publishing industry became my professional home for the next twenty years. I know there are a lot of fresh college grads out there in the same boat I was in twenty years ago.

So, I quit. I don’t want and don’t need my job anymore, so someone else -- someone who very much needs a job -- can have the position that opens due to me leaving the industry. I don’t know who that someone will be, but I wish him or her all the best in the crazy, volatile, wacky world of publishing.

As for me, I plan to stay home, perform all the maintenance on the house and yard that I just haven’t had time to do (especially painting -- ugh), and spend LOTS of quality one-on-one time with Mighty Mite. I’m not going to pull her completely out of preschool, because she does have friends there, and she’s been learning a lot of good things -- but she will going part-time rather than full-time from now on.

I’ll also get to finally finish writing the sequel to Herald! Wow, the mind boggles at the thought of actually having time to finish writing this half-done novel I’ve been sitting on for the last couple of years. I admit, I’ve been more than a little hesitant to sit down and work on it. When I write something, it tends to completely consume me, often to the detriment of other, similar (i.e., job-related) tasks. I was worried that if I concentrated too much on my novel, my career would suffer. Well, no more career, no more writing worries.

I’m 45 years old, and for the first time in my life, I’m going to be a house wife. Holy cow. Well, Mr. Sea spent time as a house husband before finding his new career. I guess it’s my turn now.

My two-week notice will be presented on Monday. I hope my boss doesn’t have a heart attack.


snell said...

All the luck in the world, dear.

SallyP said...

Oh Thank God, it's just your job! I thought you were quitting your blog, and my heart sank into my boots.

Good for you. I was a housewife for quite a number of years, when the kids were in school, and I enjoyed it thoroughly. You and Mighty Mite are going to have a heck of a good time. So, paint, write, sew, cook, read and play. And anything else you want to do.

Trenino said...

Please tell me you nailed your shirt or some item of clothing to a tree and signed a goodbye note with 'The Ex-Sea'?

But yes, what Snell and sally said, with gusto.

Saranga said...

Wow. Big moves there, and congratulations for deciding on a path that will make you happy :)
Enjoy your new found freedom, write that book and enjoy time with your child :)

like sally, i thought you meant you were going to quit blogging :o Please don't!

Anonymous said...

If Hal really did throw away his ring like that, he'd be stuck on Oa. I bet he'd feel pretty sheepish asking the Guardians to give him a lift home right after telling them where to go.

SallyP said...

Hal never thinks things through. One of the reasons why he's so much fun really.

MetFanMac said...

...Wow! EPIC post, Sea. I was afraid it'd be all bitter or something, but no, you're quite calm and rational and even maintain your sense of humor.

Gezunte heit and best of luck!

Sea-of-Green said...

Oops! I didn't consider that some people would think I'm leaving my BLOG. Noooo -- I plan to keep on blogging. Sorry about the confusion!

SallyP said...

It's so much more fun to panic FIRST! And...THEN read the actual posting.

LissBirds said...

I'm glad you're still blogging! That's what crossed my mind, too. :) Best of luck to you on your sequel, and I hope your new direction in life is fulfilling. :)

And who knew there were so many covers of superheroes quitting?

Servo said...

Good luck with the life-change, Sea. I'm getting that feeling in my own life now that I've reached the 4-0, so I applaud your courage.

And like others, I certainly hope this means we'll see your blogs still. I had the same feeling of panic mentioned when I first saw your post.

Garnet said...

Congratulations. Not just for the big change, but yes, for adapting the shock value of the I-quit cover to blog purposes. Gets the fans going!

Sea-of-Green said...

I live for shock value. :-)

Siskoid said...

You're my hero.