Tuesday, April 6, 2010

As good as basketball gets

Well, Duke won the NCAA men's basketball championship -- but, as one of the announcers said, "Butler DIDN'T lose." Geez loweez, what a thrilling game! Many people predicted that Duke would blow Butler away. That didn't happen. Butler was a dead-even match for Duke and both teams fought very, very hard to the last second. Duke just happened to have a slight lead at the final buzzer -- and that final, heart-stopping shot at the basket. The game was as good as basketball -- as ANY game -- gets, at ANY level.

Well done, Butler Bulldogs, and thanks for a great ride! Looking forward to seeing you again next year!


SallyP said...

May I offer both congratulations and condolences? They put up a HECK of a battle, and almost...almost won it all.

Sea-of-Green said...

Thanks, Sally. :-)

AND the craziness continues. I have relatives flying in from California tonight -- so my weekend is going to be NUTS. Mighty Mite will have fun seeing her cousins, though. :-)