Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The coolest desk accessory EVER!

I love my friend Dave. Here I've been stuck in bed all week, fighting off my latest cold (I suspect bronchitis -- but my doctor insists it's just a cold. Of course, my doctor is also an NFL physician, for the Indianapolis Colts, so he thinks anything that isn't a groin injury can't be all that serious. Bah!) (Seriously, though -- I love my doctor.) . . . ANYWAY, Dave emailed me the greatest thing I've seen all week -- heck, all MONTH. It's THIS:

THAT, boys and girls, is a desk lamp -- the Alien Abduction Lamp, to be precise. Isn't that the COOLEST and GEEKIEST thing ever? And here I thought my old Dalek alarm clock was geeky. I have GOT to get myself one of these lamps! At the very least, I need to get one for my brother -- his birthday is coming up. Trouble is, I'm in the USA, and so far the lamp is available only in Australia, Germany, and the U.K. Still, I should be able to convince some bright young entraprenuer to ship me one across the pond -- unless someone in the USA hurries up and becomes a distributor. HEY, USA DISTRIBUTORS! You paying attention?!?!?


Saranga said...

the uk you say? love it. *want*

SallyP said...

And here I thought lava lamps were still cool! That is seriously amazing.

3NINO said...


LissBirds said...

MINE!!! I actually need another desk lamp since mine broke.

Hopefully it'll get across the pond soon. :(

Sea-of-Green said...

Yeah, it costs about $120 U.S. to have one shipped from the UK, plus you have to buy an adapter for it since we don't use the same types of electrical plugs. Stupid regional device regulations ... :-(