Monday, February 8, 2010

The SAINTS?! Heck yeah, the Saints!

Yes, I got the Super Bowl matchup that I wanted -- the Indianapolis Colts vs. the New Orleans Saints. YES, the Saints kicked our butts. But, you know what? That's all right! I mean, heck, the Colts have BEEN to the Super Bowl before -- and we won. The Saints didn't have that feather in the cap before -- and if any city deserved a Super Bowl win, it was New Orleans. Best of all, the Super Bowl this year didn't consist of two teams that were there purely due to a fluke. Both the Colts AND the Saints deserved to be there, both having gone undefeated for 13 straight games during the regular season. And the Saints didn't have to beat just ANY team to win the Super Bowl -- they had to beat native son Peyton Manning (Archie's boy!) and the Indianapolis Colts. Hardly pushovers! It was a good game.

Besides, Saints quarterback Drew Brees has Hoosier connections -- he was quarterback at Purdue University. And cornerback Tracy Porter played at my alma mater, Indiana University. So, this wasn't a TOTAL loss for my home state of Indiana.

Well done, New Orleans! If we had to lose to someone, I'm glad it was you. You deserve the win. :-)


LissBirds said...

You're a very gracious loser, Sea! Wait, that didn't come out exactly right, but you know what I mean.

While everyone was watching the Superbowl, I was watching PuppyBowl VI. :)

MetFanMac said...

Quite gracious of you :) certainly I believe the most deserving team won.

SallyP said...

So often the actual Superbowl turns into a snoozefest. This was actually an exciting game...for a change.

Sea, you are gracious in defeat.

Sea-of-Green said...

Well, you know -- at the end of the day, it's only football. :-)

SallyP said...

That's true. It's not like it's Daytona or anything!