Thursday, February 4, 2010

Probably the closest, real Superman-vs.-Green-Lantern "fight" we'll ever see

Apparently, some people have been wondering why I never followed up on my long-ago post on Superman: New World of Krypton #4, which had cover art showing Hal (Green Lantern) Jordan vs. Superman (in his "Krypton cop" uniform).

Well, the reason I never followed up is because the cover -- as is often the case with comic books -- is deceptive. Sure, Hal puts in an appearance in the issue, along with fellow Lanterns John Stewart and Sodam Yat. The Lanterns arrive on New Krypton to do some reconnaissance work -- and that's about it. Hal gets to be all self-righteous. General Zod expresses a grudging respect for Hal's power. Sodam Yat expresses interest in seeing what Kryptonians are like. John Stewart gets to tell Hal to chill out. Hal gets to fire off one last snarky comment at Superman before all of the Lanterns leave New Krypton. That's about it. There's absolutely no fighting between any of the Lanterns and/or Superman.

Based on DC's track record, THIS is probably the closest we'll ever see to a real "conflict" between Superman and Hal Jordan:

I have no idea who did this drawing, or where it comes from, but it cracks me up. Quit looking so smug, Hal -- you dirty cheater!


SallyP said...

I hardly know which is better...the fact that Hal is cheating, or that Superman is dumb enough to fall for it!

LissBirds said...

Bwaha!! What I want to know is why he willed it to have a bracelet on it? It's a nice GL-logo bracelet, though.

3NINO said...

I think GL would win, quite honestly. And maybe using his ring isn't cheating... I mean, it IS is power isn't it? Otherwise Superman could said to be cheating if he even participated in a game of arm-wrestling, unless he were playing against another Kryptonian.

I am overthinking again? :-S

Sea-of-Green said...

I wonder how Superman would measure up on the willpower scale? He'd probably do pretty lousy -- unlike Batman.

tore019 said...

Superman would win. You dont get more powerful and stronger than him! However love the image!