Monday, January 25, 2010

I'm a BAT!

A friend of mine showed me a Web site called The Animal In You: The original and most accurate personality test on the Web. Calling any site the “most accurate” is just asking for trouble, in my opinion.

Regardless, I took the test, and it appears that, weirdly enough, I’m a BAT:

This is a decidedly nonconformist creature [You don't say. Ha!], for as an airborne personality, the bat tends to look down at the conventions of the ground animals. [I laugh at you, puny ground creatures!] And yet, since it is not a true bird and has not mastered the art of smooth controlled flight, it often appears awkward in social situations (hence the phrase "acting batty"). [Guilty as charged.] But as compensation for this social ungainliness, many bat personalities sport a built-in radar which enables them to intuitively read the motivations of others. [I like to think so, anyway.]

Identifying bat personalities is not difficult. Being nocturnal creatures, they come alive at night and can be spotted in underground clubs or dimly lit bars [or home theater dens]. They prefer the sanctuary of dark clothing and dark corners, and you'll never see a bat sporting a heavy tan. [Yep, despite having visited Florida, California, and Hawai’i many times, I’ve never really had a tan.] These are intelligent, spiritual, creative individuals [Awww, I’m blushing!] who use their full range of senses (other than their poor eyesight) to carefully navigate their way through life. [Hey, my eyes aren’t THAT bad yet.]

Bats have a habit of flitting in and out of social situations, swooping down to interact briefly with others before quickly flying off to resume their bat lives. [Sounds like blogging.] Unassertive and aloof, they'll take flight at the first hint of a confrontation to seek comfort in their personal spaces, generally decorated in unusual but expressive ways. [Yep. How many people have Indonesian “weapons walls” in their homes?]

A sixth sense gives bats a number of advantages in their work, and their insightful nature enables them to understand others better than they understand themselves. This intuitiveness makes bats excellent psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers and palm readers. [Being a book editor all too often means playing psychologist for authors.] They respond poorly to direction, however, and function best as sole practitioners in their own business. [Yep, my biggest professional goal is to be left alone to work in peace.] Preferring to work at night and sleep by day [Oh, I WISH], a bat's job must be flexible enough to accommodate these unusual hours. A creative streak often finds them in the design and architectural fields, and their unique relationship with dark caves makes you a natural archeologist or spelunker. [Actually, I have done quite a bit of spelunking. Southern Indiana and northern Kentucky are FULL of caves. I love caves.]

Although the bat's spiritual side is always on display [I have a spiritual side?], they are not overly emotional. Because of their unusual and sometimes awkward approach to life they can sometimes have difficulty finding companions. [Uhhhh, Mr. Sea?!] However, bats respond well to anyone who shares their philosophical perspective, and they love spending long hours in deep conversation. Once they have successfully located a partner, bats prove to be both dependable and committed companions. [Twenty years and counting!]

Careers and Hobbies
Social Worker
Writer [Whaddaya know -- I happen to be a book editor and writer.]

I have to say, that’s a pretty good assessment of my BASIC personality (‘cept Mr. Sea and I have been together for 20 years -- so much for the “difficulty finding companions” part). Also appropriate, considering I’ve been a Batman fan my entire life. Fun test! Recommended to anyone who doesn't take this sort of thing too seriously.



3NINO said...

I did it three times, each time being more and more honest...

First I was a shrew...
then a Bat...

the closest was Penguin.
AAAAAaaaak aka ak ak ak!

RAB said...

I thought I was a yellow trout and my soul mate would be a blue fox, but it turned out I'm actually a pink sloth!

Nah, I'm kidding. Mountain goat. (And kudos to anyone who got the reference...)

Maxo said...

As a Beatles fan, you'll appreciate this — I am the walrus!

Maxo said...

Though I can't say I like the sound of this: "Its infectious love for life contaminates everyone who has unprotected encounters with this hearty beast."

SallyP said...

Oh good grief, I'm a Rooster. I don't know if I should be pleased or horrified.

MetFanMac said...

The Bat description fits me to a T but the test says I'm a Gorilla. Riiight.

LissBirds said...

I took this test last year and got bat, too! They are definitely right about the nocturnal part...

Sea-of-Green said...