Thursday, January 28, 2010

Green Lantern #50: Observations (Spoilers Ahoy!)

- Hey, Coast City IS still the city without fear. I mean, think about it -- If everyone in the city is a Black Lantern, they probably aren’t all that afraid of anything, ARE they?

- I never would have believed it before, but -- Wonder Woman actually has MORE costume coverage as a Star Sapphire. That’s just unbelievably wrong on SO many levels.

- Barry looks good in blue.

- Aquababy is definitely the creepiest undead baby I’ve ever seen.

- I’ve already stated this many times in the last few months, but -- Mera really, really, REALLY needs her own series, and Geoff Johns needs to write it. Seriously. Who needs boring ol’ Aquaman? We need MERA! MERA! MERA--!

- Do you suppose the Indigo Lanterns tell “Nok Nok” jokes?

- You know, Ivan Reis is still my second-favorite Green Lantern artist of all time (second only to Neal Adams). But Doug Mahnke’s artwork here is very, very good.

- Lex Luthor …

… the world’s most entertaining Orange Lantern and all-around slimeball.

- Eek! The Spectre ALMOST gets Hal ...


- Hal quotes Han Solo. Figures.

- The Scarecrow finally has his yellow ring (remember, in an earlier issue of Green Lantern, Hal and John prevented him from getting one). And, by golly, good ol’ Jonathan Crane is one heck of an effective Yellow Lantern. Good thing Batman isn’t around.

- Stake through the heart! Yowtch-ah!

- Interesting that Hal remembers the Spectre exhibiting fear of Parallax -- NOT the fact that, as Parallax, Hal was more than capable of kicking the Spectre’s ass.

- Sinestro wants to try merging with Parallax all of a sudden? So, why didn’t Sinestro try to merge with Parallax way back during the Sinestro Corps War?

- Oh, geez, the big yellow space bug is free again. Good thing Batman isn't around.

- Why does Sinestro care about Hal destroying the Corps all of a sudden? Sinestro was the one who originally arranged to have Parallax possess Hal in the first place!

- Hal and Carol.

Awwwwwww …

- “Fear-asaurus.” Ha!

- Yowtch! I don’t remember Parallax EVER merging with Hal THAT way before.

- Gee, Sinestro seems a bit panicky.

- He’s baaaaaaaack! Good thing Batman isn't around.

Hal as Parallax was NEVER quite that hideous before, though. Oh, well.

Now, waitaminute -- I need to rethink something here. I think there's actually a slight problem with Hal's approach. YES, as Parallax, Hal did defeat the Spectre before. HOWEVER, that Spectre WASN'T a reanimated corpse with Black Lantern abilities AND access to the powers of the Spectre (the Spectre, in this case, is actually trapped inside of the reanimated corpse of Crispus Allen). So, what Hal is facing is not REALLY the Spectre per se -- it's actually a different entity that just happens to have the powers of the Spectre. Uh, oh.


Kevin T. said...

Whoaaaa those are some CANNIBAL dentures on Parallax right there. This was a really good way to do Green Lantern #50, particularly since I don't read the title, but have a background with it.

I think the inker came by Graham Crackers in Chicago to do a signing. Nyah, nyah! =D

SallyP said...

Frankly, Sinestro and Hal fighting over who got to be possessed by Parallax was the funniest part of the whole book. I don't know why Sinestro finally decided that perhaps he should just jump right in, but perhaps his reasoning is that if Hal and Kyle can get free of it, how tough can it BE? I love Hal and Kyle, but you've got to admit that they aren't the sharpest tacks in the box.

Oh, and Mighty Mite has the right idea. Cowgirl is SO yesturday.

Volcano Todd said...

That photo at the end is very funny. Cute kid.

(SHE kissed HIM, if you ask me)

Sea-of-Green said...

Oh, FINE, Kevin -- rub it in. ;-)

You know, Mighty Mite is never going to forgive me for posting all these gag photos of her. ;-)

LissBirds said...

"- Do you suppose the Indigo Lanterns tell “Nok Nok” jokes?"

That made me LOL!

That whole Hal-and-Carol scene reminded me of that part in DC: The Final Frontier. And that made me happy. It's like Hal's a soldier going off to war of something.

Sea-of-Green said...

Oh, yeah ...! Hadn't thought of that. And Geoff Johns has shown on more than one occasion that he really likes Darwyn Cooke's work.