Friday, December 11, 2009

Superman and Batman vs. the SANTA question

Dagnabbit, I'm sick YET AGAIN. I tell ya, whenever Mighty Mite catches the latest bug going around, I catch it, too -- but whereas it takes her only two days to recover, it seems to take me about two MONTHS. It's not fair, I tells ya!

Well, enough whining. It's time for me to get into the spirit of the holidays, and what better way to do that than to watch super-heroes make idiots of themselves. Let's begin by dropping in on what Superman is up to, shall we? It seems that some kid named Tyrone wrote a letter to the Daily Planet asking if Santa Claus is just for babies. Well, Superman decides he's going to show Tyrone that Santa is cool -- by playing Santa himself.

Awwwww ... You know, Superman is just so cute sometimes. PATHETIC, but cute. What do YOU think, Batman?

Oh, geez, Batman, quit being such a grouch. Ah, but the big jerk can't help it, can he? Not only that, he starts pouring all of his criticism and angst on Superman, telling Supes how he has standards to uphold, blah, blah, blah ...

... and how Supes looks SO STUPID decked out as Santa ...

Poor ol' Superman succumbs to Batman's browbeating. He grudgingly admits that he feels a bit silly, and he gives up the idea of playing Santa. Once Superman leaves Batman and discards his Santa gear, though, he can't resist flying by Tyrone's house and peeking in with his x-ray vision, just to make sure things are okay. And what should he see ...!

BAT-Santa?!?! Why, that -- that -- THAT--!!!

Yeah! GETTIM, Supes! Lousy hypocritical ol' bat-brained so-and-so ...!

("Yes, Tyrone, There Is a Santa Clause," written by Kelley Puckett and drawn by PEte Woods; from DCU Infinite Holiday Special #1, 2007.)


Maxo said...

He was asking for it! More proof that nothing is more suspicious than a smiling Batman.

LissBirds said...
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LissBirds said...

Last panel: bwa-hahahaha! It's not Christmas unless you draw blood. *sigh* Memories. I must buy this now.

If anyone should be Santa, it should be Batman. He's a quadrillionaire for Pete's sake.

And that is some nice art, too.

Feel better!

SallyP said...

I have that book, and is hilarious. I don't blame Superman in the least. I do hope that he pulled his punch however, or else there would have been Batbrains all over the wall, and that might have put a dent in the Holiday Spirit.

I can't help but think that Guy would have been yelling "One Punch!"

3NINO said...

Supes and Bats ruin Christmas.

Now THAT's a holiday special :-)

MetFanMac said...

Those kids are gonna need a WHOLE lotta therapy XD

To cheer you up, I made this!

Get well soon!

ComicsAllTooReal's Chris said...

If the kids weren't weirded out by a Santa with a Bat Mask behind the beard, they had to watch Santa being punched by Superman--

No, nothing's wrong with this picture, lol.

Sea-of-Green said...

Superman punching out Batman is a Christmas present I'd like to have EVERY year. :-)

That is, if I can't have Hal punching out Ollie ...