Saturday, October 3, 2009

Superman-Batman: Public Enemies movie -- a real-time review

I finally have my DVD copy of the movie Superman-Batman: Public Enemies. I’ve never read the original comic issues/graphic novel, so this should be interesting. Time to fire this thing up and have a nice evening of watching good guys punch out bad guys. Here we go …!

- Previews, previews, blah, blah, blah … Don’t really care about any of these at the moment. I just wanna watch the movie.

- Hmmmm … Interesting little montage of current economic woes. Some not-so-subtle commentary here.

- Wow, people in the DC Universe must be really hard up for entertainment if they think a swearing talk show host is hilarious. (I guess the guy is supposed to be a takeoff on Jon Stewart of the Daily Show – but Jon Stewart really is FUNNY.)

- Lex for president. Rah, rah, ree.

- Oh, Captain Atom … and why the heck is Power Girl there with Luthor?

- Major Force? Really?

- The opening credits kind of remind me of those for Justice League: New Frontier.

- Yay for DC voice veterans!

- Allison Mack, huh? Wonder who she’s voicing.

- Runaway Ferrari!

- “I’ll shoot myself! I swear!” Yeah, good luck with that.

- Ah-HA. Allison Mack is Power Girl.

- Oh, Captain Atom. You moron.

- Wow. Power Girl has huge … EYES. No, seriously, her eyes are huge – like ridiculously huge. I’m not sure the “anime look” is working here. (Ha! Mr. Sea just said the big eyes are probably designed to call attention away from Power Girl’s chest.)

- So far, I’m not crazy about the art style. The animation is decent, though.

- Amanda Waller! I always did like her.

- Gee, a huge kryptonite meteor is hurtling toward earth. Just call a Green Lantern. THAT will take care of it. Piece of cake.

- Why the heck send Superman up there in a lead suit? Send Captain Marvel! He won’t need one!

- I repeat – CALL A GREEN LANTERN. Or CAPTAIN MARVEL. Geez loweez -- Luthor, Bats, and Supes all have tunnel vision.

- Metallo! Oooh, fight, fight!

- Cemetery fight! You just can’t have a good super-hero yarn without a cemetery fight – unless you have a sewer fight instead, that is.

- Yeah, where IS the Flash when you need him? Good question, Supes.

- Oooh, a Kill Bill Volume 2 moment!

- I really don’t want to know where Batman put that bomb.

- That looks like Major Force.

- NOW there’s a sewer scene. No fighting, though.

- The banter between Bats and Supes is a hoot. Ha!

- Look out! Alfred’s got a gun! (Waitaminute – what’s Alfred doing with a gun!? Batman HATES guns.)

- If kryptonite could affect Superman psychologically, wouldn’t it affect Power Girl, too?

- “Between you and me, I HATE that.” Ha! Yeah, he would.

- Barbecued Metallo. Yummy.

- Silver Banshee! Oh, COOL!

- Wow, it’s the Ice Villain Brigade. I guess it never dawned on me before, just how many of these DC has.

- Grundy and Mongul? And Grundy’s talking like he did in Brad Meltzer’s run of Justice League.

- Wow, the bad guys are really popping out of the woodwork.

- Grodd. Of course.

- “Your funeral.” “Already had one.” *Snicker.*

- Some of the background paintings in this movie are gorgeous.

- Oh, Captain Atom. You moron.

- Starfire enters the fray. And since when does Black Lightning fly?

- Thank goodness Power Girl has come to her senses. I was beginning to think she was being mind controlled.

- Except for the different color schemes, Captain Atom and Major Force could be twins.

- I repeat – CALL A GREEN LANTERN OR CAPTAIN MARVEL. For crying out loud!

- Oh! Hey! It’s Captain Marvel! Speak of the devil …!

- And Hawkman!

- The people who compose the music for these DC superhero animated movies really don’t get enough credit. The music is top notch.

- Yay! Superman vs. Captain Marvel has ALWAYS been my favorite super-hero slugfest matchup.

- Billy Batson is a devious little brat.

- Ten bucks for a can of lima beans? Is that an in-joke or something?

- Am I the only person in the world who’s getting really tired of the whole Luther-shooting-up-with-kryptonite thing?

- It’s BatHawkman!

- Amanda Waller ROCKS.

- “Wasn’t interested in toys, though.” Since WHEN, Bats? The only super-hero with more gadgets than YOU is Ted Kord!

- Hiro Okamura. With X-ray goggles. Poor Power Girl. Hey, Supes – you KNOW who Hiro is. Or you should.

- OMG, it’s a giant Shogun Warrior Composite Superman. That is by far the silliest, geekiest, and most AWESOME thing I’ve seen all week.

- That’s a bad headshot of Batman. Look, bat-boogers!

- Oh, Lex Luthor. You moron.

- “That was my best friend.” Somehow, I don’t think Batman feels the same way about Superman.

- Y’know, some people in the DCU are gonna start bombarding all the news site commentaries with complaints about how Superman is beating up the president of the United States.

- Uh, wouldn’t all that kryptonite radiation STILL be a danger to Superman? AND Power Girl?

- Ha! Nice way to plug the Superman-Batman logo.

- I still say this whole thing could have been avoided if they’d sent Captain Marvel or a Green Lantern out there instead.

- Lois finally puts in an appearance.

- Hey, LOOK, everyone! Superman is getting all friendly with Lois Lane on that rooftop! Isn’t she married or something?

Final verdict: Despite all of my griping, I really, really liked this movie. It has the usual logistical issues for people who know a little too much about the DCU -- but, seriously, I think it’s one of the better films. HIGHLY entertaining. I think it was helped a lot by how the relationship between Bats and Supes was handled. The creative team and the voice actors played the characters off each other very nicely. I still think, of all the animated super-hero features Warners/DC has released so far, Wonder Woman is the best. However, Superman-Batman: Public Enemies is up there for me. It’s definitely a keeper.

Note: One thing that I think is still lacking in the DC animated features is a real sense of “Motion Picture Event.” Much as I like these films, I really don’t get the same “Big Picture” sense from them that I get from other, comparable (and, admittedly, originally theatrically released) animated features that I’ve watched on DVD – like, say, Iron Giant, or one of Disney’s better animated movies. The DC animated features feel more like really, really good, long Justice League Unlimited episodes. I’m not sure what the animation team could do to break out of that mold, but if they keep it up with the high standards they’re obviously reaching for, I’m sure they’ll succeed eventually.


Sleestak said...

Alison Mack as Wonder Woman!

SallyP said...

I have not seen this...but now I think that I want to.

You can ALWAYS solve a lot of metero problems if you just call up a Green Lantern.

Christian Zamora said...

I had no clue this movie was already out :) I've been a little out of the loop, and this is great news!

Christian Zamora said...

Hmmmmm-- I was watching it last night and I'm ashamed to admit I fell asleep **redface**

I'll try again tonight.

Sea-of-Green said...

Well, I DID have a lot of caffiene before watching this movie. ;-)

Christian Zamora said...

I should try that-- Last night I just got hooked on other TV shows, lol.

Saranga said...

Alison Mack as Peej? as in Alison Mack from Smallville? Oh I heart!

Christian Zamora said...

I always knew it! Lady Gaga was always Batman in disguise!

Sea-of-Green said...

Aww, MAN, now I can't bring myself to delete that spam. Thanks, Chris. :-\

Christian Zamora said...

Heeheehee! XD