Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Mighty Mite, one year later

This time last year, Mighty Mite looked like THIS:

NOW, she looks like THIS:

No longer a baby. That, and the orange sippy cup is VERY telling. Despite the fact that she's decked out in pink from head to toe, Mighty Mite's favorite color is definitely ORANGE. I tried to tell her that the Orange Lantern, Larfleeze, is a bad influence, but she just won't listen to me.

Come to think of it, ALL babies and toddlers could potentially be Orange Lanterns. They're such greedy little buggers. CUTE, but greeeedy.


That Face! said...
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That Face! said...


Her right hand is so well hidden I almost thought she was missing her chainsaw :-D

SallyP said...

Egad! She's growing like crazy...as toddlers are wont to do.

Still incredibly adorable however. But yes, kids and Larfleeze have a lot in common.

FoldedSoup said...

Awfully cute! Wow.. sure has grown! A few feet closer towards world domination!

Maxo said...

Holy smokes! So big! So cute!

Sea-of-Green said...

She still looks so innocent, doesn't she? Don't be fooled! ;-)

MetFanMac said...

Cute baby to cute toddler! :3