Monday, August 31, 2009

Disney buys Marvel? HAHAAAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!

As all of you comic book readers out there already know, Disney has announced that it's buying Marvel, and everything that goes with it, for four billion bucks. For some reason, I find that incredibly funny. Not really sure why.

DC, to me, has always seemed more "Disney-ish" than Marvel -- and yet DC is owned by Warner Brothers, home to the perpetually cool and hip Bugs Bunny. Marvel seems more Bugs-friendly than DC, and yet now Marvel is going to be part of the House of Mouse empire. Mickey Mouse hanging out with the Punisher? Somehow, that doesn't seem right. Its successful forays into dark entertainment aside (Fantasia? Nightmare Before Christmas?), Disney still seems just a little too warm and fuzzy for Marvel.

Not to say that the DC characters are necessarily warm and fuzzy, or unhip (THE BATMAN, anyone?). They've just always seemed more family-oriented (and therefore Disney-oriented) than the Marvel ones. Blame it on Superman. He started the whole trend. I can see Spider-Man hanging out with Bugs Bunny MUCH more easily than I can picture him with Mickey Mouse (though the idea of Batman hanging out with Mickey Mouse is pretty darned funny).

This whole thing is making my brain hurt.

So, does this mean The Incredibles are now Marvel super-heroes? I'm expecting fractured family angst (and the kids showing up on an X-men team) any day now!


Pete said...

What I want to know is, what happens when the Incredibles meet the Fantastic Four?

SallyP said...

Bwhahahahahaha! perfect. Damn, I wish I had seen your Spider-Mouse before I posted on my blog!

I understand your reasoning, Marvel always had that teenage hip thing going on.

On the other hand, whenever I think of Bugs and Daffy, I think of Green Lanterns. Hal is Bugs, and Daffy is Guy. Kilowog is that big bulldog. And Superman is Foghorn Leghorn.

MetFanMac said...

The bulldog's name is Marc Antony. Which would make Pussyfoot... Arisia?

I remember reading on the old scans_daily a DCU/Looney Tunes crossover. Wonderfully cracky stuff.

Sea-of-Green said...

Well, we all know that Daffy would/did make for a GREAT Green Lantern, thanks to the Duck Dodgers: The Green Loontern cartoon. That's still one of the best film presentations of the Green Lantern Corps, in my opinion. :-)