Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Blackest Night #1: Observations (punctuated by fangirl squealing)

Oh heck YES I picked up Blackest Night #1! What, you think just because I haven't been blogging regularly that I'd given up my favorite comics? HA! Here are some observations -- and, yes, there are a few spoilers. Sorry, can't help it! -->

- Blackest Night starts the same way Sinestro Corps War ended. I LOVE that. LOVE it!

- Interesting that Blackest Night officially begins on the anniversary of Superman's death. VERY interesting.

- So, Katma Tui was murdered by A Star Sapphire all of a sudden? At the time, there was only THE Star Sapphire -- Carol Ferris. At least artist Ivan Reis kept that (awful) costume Carol wore back then.

- Well, whaddaya know! Hal Jordan actually admits to being envious of Guy Gardner. I could have sworn I heard a scream of triumph from the direction of Connecticut when I first read that (eh, Sally?).

- Look at all the living heroes (and villains) mourning over the dead -- while being presented SO clearly and described so well. Why wasn't Final Crisis set up this well?

- Alfred said "Bruce"!

- The villain crypt in the Justice League basement ...! I'm glad that particular Nightwing story wasn't forgotten.

- Hal's method for updating Barry on DCU deaths is interesting, to say the least. Look, Barry! Hal's ring is full of dead people!

Y'know, if you think about it, Hal Jordan must have one heck of an impressive memory. That's an awful lot of people (and costumes) to remember AND be able to ring-generate all at the same time. The man must have a photographic memory -- one that obviously hasn't been damaged despite all the times Hal's been whacked in the head over the years.

- The Flash finally sits down. Why do I like Barry better in the GL stories, so far, than I do in Barry's own title? It doesn't make sense. It's the same writer, for crying out loud.

- Poor Ray. Poor, poor, poor Ray. And he's gonna feel even worse VERY soon. (Also, Hawkman and the Atom are probably the only DC heroes who DON'T use cell phones -- and on purpose, too.)

- Hal actually thinks Carol is SAFE?!?! (Major snicker!) Hal or no Hal, when has Carol EVER been safe -- even when she WASN'T a Star Sapphire?!

- The Black Lantern rings sound like FLIES. How very, very cool.

- HEY! Am I mistaken, or do the Guardians have YELLOW blood! YELLOW! Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, HA!

- Scar finally gives the other Guardians their comeuppance -- and with such panache! "Your hearts are USELESS. The Darkness cannot feast on YOUR hearts. They need to hunt FULL ones." Heh, heh, heh, heh.

- ZOMBIE LANTERNS at last! And, OH, how I am going to miss artist Ivan Reis on Green Lantern. MISS him!

- I finally got to see the Black Lantern I've been wanting to see most: Zombie Martian Manhunter.

So far, I'm not disappointed. Yeah, that would scare the hell outta me!

- Hawkman and Hawkgirl! Y'know, Green Lantern readers have seen a lot of the plot details coming for a long, long time, but I certainly didn't expect THAT one! Holy moly!

- Writer Geoff Johns has, of course, been building up to this story for YEARS, and so far it's living up to all expectations. I hate to say it, but when Blackest Night is over, he may want to consider retiring from writing super-hero comics altogether, and move on to something else, like novels or screenplays. I don't want him to end up like all-too many comic book writers of the past who reached their magnum opus and then squandered their talents (and demeaned their original achievement) trying to duplicate the feat. He should quit while he's ahead, and move on to other interests.

- Speaking of Mr. Johns, I only have one gripe about Blackest Night #1, and it's THIS:

He really, really needs to quit doing that. Yes, I KNOW it's supposed to be a vocal effect, but I can't help it -- whenever I see "KKK," my brain tells me it's an acronym for the Ku Klux Klan. I know I'm not the only reader with that problem -- and this isn't the first time Mr. Johns has used it. He either needs to use different letters for that sound effect, or quit using it altogether.

- Can I say right now how much I've always loved the people at Comic Carnival? Not only did they give me my Black Lantern ring, I also got some nifty Blackest Night postcards from them, and they said they'd try to preserve the in-store Blackest Night promotional poster (designed by Ivan Reis, of course) for me when the storyline is over. They don't squander the promotional items, bless 'em. HOW I LOVE THEM! Here's my ring, modeled by Mr. Sea -- because I haven't been able to get the ring away from him since I brought it home:

Gee, honey, I didn't notice before how HAIRY your hands are! Maybe you should GIVE ME MY RING BACK and go shave or something!

Looking forward to seeing what happens next in Blackest Night! MORE! MORE! MORE!


MetFanMac said...

Well, of course Hal remembers everyone who died, he was the Spectre!

Great issue, as expected.

wik said...

Or it could also be the ring's somewhat extensive autolog filtering its own memories based on what Hal was willing it to do... but I'd like to think Hal did that all on his own, like Vath Sarn but all at once rather than one by one :)
Also, this may just be the finest comic event DC has yet produced, on the basis of this limited evidence... sometimes with Geoff Johns, one gets the feeling everything that's ever happened in comics has built up to a particular moment. It feels like that again, and this time justifiably so, and the expectations are bigger than ever. and guess what? he delivered again! I shudder to think what will happen to the GL and GLC titles after Blackest Night, cos this one even threatens to change everything about the Corps and the extended DCU. I can't believe they actually dared to call Final Crisis Final or even a Crisis... THIS is a Crisis, and looks like it will be way more Final in a lot of regards!
Also, I loved the Hawkman and Hawkgirl bits! As you said, NEVER saw that coming...

SallyP said...

AHA! I KNEW you couldn't resist blogging about Blackest Night.

That was inDEED a scream of triumph you heard emanating from the East. Of course Hal is envious of Guy...he just doesn't want to admit it. And Guy, whatever you do, don't let Hal within fifty feet of Tora!

Naturally, the very thought of happiness for Guy and Tora now terrifies me,because I'm thinking that something awful is going to happen. Gah!

Yeah, that whole thing with Ralph and Sue and the Hawkpeople...I did NOT see that coming.

The little bit at Ted's grave did make me sniffle though.

Isn't the ring just too cool?

Saranga said...

Oh man I want a power ring.. you really need to steal that back off your husband Sea! Very cool item.

That Face! said...

do the black lantern zombies eat the living?
cause if they don't then they're not zombies.
they're just dead guys.

I'm still in love with Marvel Zombies.

Sea-of-Green said...

Tom -- Does pulling out people's hearts and eating them qualify?

That Face! said...

...not brains? :'-(

I'm kidding, sure it does :-D

Rustytiger said...

At the comic book store i go to people were grabbing the first issue of Blackest Night like women at a sale on Black Friday. Heh, crowds of dead superheros and villans, crowds of comic book geeks, crowds of women at a sale, you get the gist lol.

After I picked this up I went to one of my favorite eating spots whenever I get a free lunch. I will say this....i will NEVER, EVER read something compelling and a massive page turner ever again while I'm eating!! It was so good and such a shocker to me on many levels of who's come back from the dead, as well as "Scar" turning on her fellow guardians like she did almost made me choke on my food!

All this build up up till now has been good and well paid off it seems. I do like the artist, Doug Mahnke, that's taking over the Green Lantern series, though, granted I will miss Ivan Reis greatly. I say things are looking well for both DC and Green Lantern^^ ;)