Sunday, June 28, 2009

OMG, Billy Mays just died!

I just found out from CNN that Orange Glo pitchman Billy Mays was found dead at his home in Tampa, Florida, this morning -- just a few days after I poked fun at him in a Green Lantern article.

Okay, now I feel really bad.


Duskdog said...

Aww, feel better knowing that now at least one more person will remember who he was because of you. I didn't even know the name of the Orange-Glo guy until you mentioned him here the other day. And now I know who he was so that I can properly appreciate his passing.

MetFanMac said...

I came here first thing after hearing the news. So sad.

...Was it my "Don LaFontaine" comment that jinxed him? O_O

That Face! said...


SallyP said...

I'm so bad, but that's the first thing that I thought of, when I read it in the paper. Well, that and the thought that perhaps Larfleeze DOESN'T get the blue ring.

Who will loudly pitch improbable products to us NOW?

Anonymous said...

It should have been Vince from ScamWow, I mean ShamWow

Sea-of-Green said...

I'm never buying anything from TV ever again. :'-(.

Waitaminute ... I've NEVER bought anything from TV ...!