Wednesday, May 20, 2009

What if Hal Jordan and Sinestro switched bodies, PART VI

Trapped in Hal's body, Sinestro not only sees an opportunity to take advantage of once again being the "greatest Green Lantern," he takes it upon himself to master one of the greatest weapons in Hal Jordan's arsenal.

No, not THAT weapon. The weapon in question here is none other than the HAL JORDAN SCOWL:

Or is that really a pout? Oh, well.


Duskdog said...

It's a pout.

I'm not sure Sinestro would consider putting Hal's other greatest weapon to use. For some reason, whenever I think of Sinestro and women, I always think of Reducto from Harvey Birdman.


Though it would be funnier if it turns out that he actually has wit and charm under all that... Sinestro-ness... and he uses that and Hal's body to get close to ladies that Hal can't even get to. Like Wonder Woman. :)

MetFanMac said...

Oh, lordy, that's funny. What a sourpuss! :-D

Saranga said...

The fourth one from the bottom is positively tortured. I like it.

TF said...

the third one one from the bottom reminds me of Bruce Campbell.


SallyP said...

Pout, scowl, I don't care, he just does it so prettily.

He's not so good at smirking however.

Sea-of-Green said...

Nah, Sinestro is much better at smirking.

Well, now we know Sinestro has had relations with at least ONE woman. Otherwise, yeah, I agree, Duskdog -- he definitely doesn't strike me as being a playah.