Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Great Googly Moogly!! YES to hope and dreams

I don't watch American Idol or any similar shows that appear on TV worldwide. And I know this is being linked all over the place and reported on the BBC, and CNN, and a myriad of other news agencies. But ... holy cow, I am just astonished by the video of Susan Boyle singing on Britain's Got Talent last Saturday night. YouTube has disabled video embedding for all clips of the video, so click here to see the video's YouTube page. It's worth watching just to see the flabbergasted expression on the face of professional snothead Simon Cowell.

Wow. I mean, it doesn't hurt that I absolutely love the song "I Dreamed a Dream" from Les Miserables, but her singing voice is gorgeous. It's not Patti Lupone, but it's gorgeous. She's definitely inspiring to nonglamorous fortysomething females everywhere!

Weird as this seems, she kinda reminds me of Jim Nabors. As Gomer Pyle, audiences were used to laughing at Jim Nabors and what a bumpkin he was. But when the man opened his mouth to sing, it was nothing short of amazing.

(Of course, we Hoosiers love Jim Nabors. No one sings "Back Home Again in Indiana" better than he does.)

Good for you, Susan Boyle! Well done!


SallyP said...

That was so...SWEET! And yes, the Jim Nabors comparison is so apt. Noone believed he could sing, till he opened his mouth, and out it came.

I'm also reminded the the gentleman who was mocked for trying to sing Nessun Dorma, until he did, and absolutely wewed the crowd.

SallyP said...

Oops. Should have been wowed the crowd.


TF said...

I don't watch britain's got talent precisely for this reason.
People being judged and looked down on by snobby idiots, on teh basis of their appearance, despite harping on about 'looking for talent'.

Seeing this video made me feel good because all the snooty people in the audience (and the judges) got their smug smart-alecky faces fried off by a damn good voice.
It also made me feel sad, because it reminded me how everything now, even talent, seems to rely on extetic beauty.

Saranga said...

Thanks for linking that. I wouldn't have seen it otherwise.
Those 3 judges are complete cocks. What was the up with the backhanded compliments they gave her at the end?

Oh, and it's Simon Cowell, not Callow. Simon Callow is the fat gay dude in 4 weddings and a funeral who died (i think). Anyway he was in the play i saw last week, so I def know the name in not the film!

Sky_of_Blue said...

Ha! Okay, I'll fix it. I think it may have been a Freudian slip on my part. :-)

It's sad to think of all the missed years this woman could have been wowing audiences with her voice. Well, now that the world's finally discovered her, she (and we) can make up for lost time! :-)

ComicsAllTooReal's Chris said...

I'm speechless. I love this Susan Boyle already. I never watch these shows. She just gave me the shivers in a good way.