Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Blue heroes rock!

Welcome to Sky of Blue's Hoosier Journal of Inanity! This is where I go to write about stuff I can't help writing about. Current favorite topics are comic books and various things going on in Indiana. Names of real people are changed to George or Georgette where appropriate, to protect the innocent.

Here at the Hoosier Journal of Inanity, we're all about BLUE super-heroes! That's right! BLUE heroes rock! And I don't mean just heroes with BLUE in their names, like Blue Beetle or Blue Devil. Heroes who ROCK the color blue also qualify. That's why, this month, this blog is dedicated to the greatest blue-garbed comic-book hero of all time -- THE TICK!

That's right! April is TICK month at the Hoosier Journal of Inanity! All month long, we're gonna be celebrating the original comic book appearances of THE TICK! And it's gonna be the Tick in his original comic-book form. NOT the animated cartoon. NOT the live-action TV series. The ORIGINAL Tick.

One slight problem, though ... Even though the Tick IS blue, all of his original comics were originally printed in black and white. Oh, well. You can picture the Tick in his full blue glory when looking at black-and-white images, can't you? Sure you can. Blue is such a pretty color. You should keep that color in your mind all the time, anyway!

Oh, quit your whining, Hal. We're BLUE here now, do you hear me? BLUE! Deal with it!

Okay, ON to our TICK celebration! To start, here's an example of why some people say the Tick comics depict ninjas the way they DESERVE to be depicted:


TF said...

Major WTF moment.

Briskly followed by SPOOOOON!!! moment.

and let it be known that I have never read/seen anything on the Tick. ever.
And yet, I know that I just love the big blue guy.

SallyP said...


Oh God, the Tick. And look, there's Oedipus! And Ninjas!

It's going to be a lovely month.

ComicsAllTooReal's Chris said...

OMG! Blue! Is this parallel Earth?

April's Fool, right? :P

Everyone always gets me with this because we don't celebrate it where I live.


Long Live the Blue Beetle!!!!!

Maxo said...

Ha ha! I hope this means we'll see something about Blue Jay!

FoldedSoup said...

You... you... YOU ROCK!

Maverick said...

You're song of the month should be Batman's rendition of "Am I Blue?"
(A: Depends on the artist and the era, Bats.)

Hope we get the Spirit here in his definitive blue suit. None of that Frank Miller hokey-ness.

MetFanMac said...

Heh heh, wacky ninjas :)

Happy Foolsday!

Sky_of_Blue said...

Yes, the Tick needs a little love. His comic-book exploits are being forgotten! That can't be allowed!

Elrossiter said...

hey. the ninja flicking the V's to the tick is a brilliant little touch! those original ben edlund issues were the first comics i ever read and have read them over amazing amounts of times-they are just so damned good man!!! i do hope your goin to do a bit on the ninja hedge an when the tick runs along that line to save oedipus ha ha ha-so good!


Amy Reads said...

Sky of Blue AND Sea of Green,
I believe Master Hal will become Rather Jealous in this World Not Of His Hue.
We know how those GLs respond.
Love the new design!
Amy (Reads)