Friday, March 13, 2009

The Red Lanterns have a kitty cat, right? Well ...

... who's to say the GREEN Lanterns can't have a kitty cat as well?

Many thanks to Bryon for steering me toward cartoonist Adam Koford's site Hobotopia. Everyone is encouraged to check it out!

On a cartoon-related note: Mr. Sea asked me to extend his apology for the drop-off in his "My Pal Itty" comic strips, particularly this week. Y'see, he's actually been getting job interviews! Have no fear, though -- job or no job, Mr. Sea still plans to keep going with "My Pal Itty." The strip is in no danger of dying out anytime soon.


SallyP said...

Whew! As much as I applaud Mr. Sea's desire to be gainfully employed, I must admit that I'm enjoying the heck out of "Itty".

Duskdog said...

Now if DC would just pay you two to do "Itty", it would all work out smashingly. :)

TF said...

I'd buy that.

Itty: golden age.

Itty: not another crisis.

Itty: year one.

the possibilities are endless :-D

MetFanMac said...

Well, that's certainly good news about Itty. Oh, yeah, and the possibility of job resumption ;-)

I gave Hobotopia a couple of tries, but other than a few strips here or there I couldn't get into it.

Sea_of_Green said...

Well, Mr. Sea has been swamped of late, so here's hoping he can do a new Itty cartoon soon!

(Right, dear?) ;-)