Monday, March 30, 2009

Apparently, my "Inner Super-hero" is VERY confused

There are a WHOLE BUNCH of "Which Super-hero Are You?" tests out there -- tests that supposedly help people recognize their "inner super-hero." At this point, I really DON’T know which hero I would be, at least based on individual tests. SO, I’m gonna take as many of these tests as I can -- and the hero that pops up the most must be, by default, my inner super-hero, right? Well, here goes!

- FIRST -- According, I’m the FLASH: "Fast, athletic and flirtatious."

Hmmmm ... I guess I can live with that.

- NEXT – According to the Guardian (U.K.), I’m Spider-Man, “a precociously gifted kid-at-heart who’s just trying to lead a normal life. Your chattering friends accept you as part of the gang. Little do they know that you have hidden depths.”

- The test at is one of the few that rates you as a man OR a woman. It says I'm Catwoman -- but as a man, I'd be Spider-Man: “THERE'S A DARK SIDE TO YOU, BUT YOU ALWAYS END UP DOING THE RIGHT THING. WITH GREAT POWER COMES GREATER RESPONSIBILITY, SO DON'T BE FOOLED BY THE GLITZ AND GET CAUGHT IN A WEB OF EVIL.”

Okay, how are Spider-Man and Catwoman even REMOTELY similar to one another? Oh, well.

- NEXT – According to, I’m Superman:

- THIS test at OKCupid rates you by hero AND villain. I didn't even rate hero status on THIS test. Nope, apparently, I'm MR. SINISTER:

“Super Villain Born in 19th century London, Sinister was one of the most brilliant scientists of his day. He entered a pact with the centuries-old mutant Apocalypse, who granted him immortality, among other powers. Sinister is perhaps the greatest geneticist in the Marvel universe. He is capable of cloning, creating superhuman abilities and enhancing or controlling mutant abilities. Sinister was an overwhelming foe able to launch attacks on the astral plane, fire energy bolts capable of destroying the X-Mansion and create force-fields capable of holding both the X-Men and X-Factor at bay. His power levels appeared to be more than a match for the X-Men who were unable to defeat him. This is one bad-ass Villain.”

Okee dokee, moving on ...

- says I’m Superman.

- says I’m Spider-Man.

- says I’m Daredevil.

- Quizfarm’s Marvel-only quiz says I’m CYCLOPS:
"As the leader of the X-Men, Cyclops is mature, dedicated, and committed to his cause. A bit stuck-up and arrogant at times, he gets angry when people won't work for the good of the team."

- But QuizFarm’s DC-only test says I’m Green Lantern:
"After Test Pilot Hal Jordan crashed a jet, he stumbled upon a dying Alien that gave him an Oan power ring, which operates on willpower and imagination. He became Green Lantern of sector 2418. Hal is fearless and headstrong. Most heroes are his friends, although Batman seems to despise him because of his lack of fear, Batman's best weapon."

- Quizilla ALSO says I’m Green Lantern.

Now, there are a lot more tests out there, and many are very specific -- for Marvel-only heroes, DC-only heroes, male-only, female-only, etc., etc. ... I could keep taking these %#$*# tests forever.

Heck with this ... I'm gonna follow my inner Mr. Sinister and go be a supervillain.


TF said...

Oh I've been there.
I've been classified as Spider-man, Batman, The Flash, Venom, Green Goblin, Mr. Freeze, etc etc etc...

Mrs. Sea-of-Sinister, hey?
I like the sound of that...

MetFanMac said...

Spiderman/Catwoman (??)
Rogue (???)
Mr. Fantastic
Superman twice
The Hulk THREE times (this is the one I personally feel I am the most like)

SallyP said...'re saying these things aren't actually real, and are just randomly generated? I am CRUSHED!

But seriously, Catwoman and Spiderman at the same time? That's just crazy talk.

Sea_of_Green said...

Yeah, that's like saying Susan Storm and Hal Jordan are virtually identical.

Hey, waitaminute ...!

SallyP said...

Nonsense, Hal is MUCH prettier than Susan Storm!

ComicsAllTooReal's Chris said...

Mrs. Sinister, that is!