Monday, January 5, 2009

Hal Jordan: Romance Comic Moonlighter

Sally at Green Lantern Butts Forever recently made the brilliant observation that almost all "heroes" in DC's old romance comics look EXACTLY like Hal (Green Lantern) Jordan. Hey, who's to say that back then, in his spare time, Hal DIDN'T moonlight as a romance-comic heartthrob? Heck, I wouldn't put it past MOST DC heroes to do something like that to earn a little extra cash on the side. After all, most DC heroes aren't exactly hard on the eyes.

And you KNOW heart-breaker Hal would just LOVE to have all these women whining and crying after him. You just KNOW it. Plus it would give him more chances to stick it to poor ol' long-suffering Carol Ferris.

Of course, Hal's other job probably got in the way an awful lot ...

Oh, Hal -- you smooth-talking bastard.

(That illustration, by the way, is from the cover of Heart Throbs #116, 1968. I can't believe girls actually used to read these things. SERIOUSLY.)


SallyP said...

Bhwahahaha! Oh, it could have been lifted right from the pages of a Gil Kane Green Lantern issue. You have the dialogue down perfectly!

It IS a little uncanny how many of the hearthrobs all look like Hal.

TF said...

I bet he doesn't use that excuse in bed though.

Sea_of_Green said...

Hal and Carol probably never would have broken up if he'd ended up in bed with her more often.