Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Green Lantern foreshadowing from Alex Ross & Co.?

When they created the mini-series Justice a couple of years ago, Alex Ross, Jim Krueger, and Doug Braithwaite were accused by some of using the story as a platform to "undo" a lot of things they didn't like about the DC Universe -- such as the death of Aquaman's son, and Hal Jordan's transformation into Parallax.

However, in looking back at the series, one has to wonder if it was also used to provide some clues into what would happen in the future. Take, for example, a detail from the following painting, depicting the Green Lantern Corps:

Here's the detail in question:

Fear and hope, hmm? Coincidence, or a clue, in relation to The Blackest Night? One has to wonder.


TF said...

I know nothing of the stories which you mentioned, but DAY-UM is that a beautiful pic!

I love the robot Green Lantern there at the bottom.

SallyP said...

Nice. Your theory makes perfect sense to me. It also makes sense that that is Katma that Hal is ogling there.

Sea_of_Green said...

I really love how Alex Ross paints Hal. I really, really do. :-)

SallyP said...

He does do a nice Hal. Pretty good John too. I'd love to see him do Guy.