Friday, December 5, 2008

Goin' to the chapel ...

Tomorrow, a very good friend of the family, Georgette, is getting married. She asked me a while back to be her Matron of Honor (Mr. Sea is also participating, as one of the groom's men), which was an admirably brave move on her part because she's known for years that I am NOT a fan of big wedding ceremonies. She IS my friend, so I'm honoring her wishes -- and, by gosh, I made SURE she got hers at her bachelorette party.

The bachelorette party was held at a comedy club. I met with the comedians beforehand to give them enough details to single out Georgette. Ooooh, BOY, did they roast her good. I felt truly vindicated when she turned to me and yelled, "I'm gonna get you for this!"

To give Georgette some credit, she DID tell me and the other bridesmaids that we were allowed to pick out our own dresses -- as long as they were all from the same maker and were all the same color ("Apple Red"). I found a dress that isn't too bad, though I have no intention of keeping the thing after the ceremony, especially since I can't bend over in it to save my life. It seems like ALL bridesmaid dresses are designed like straightjackets, sewn together in such a way that the wearer's movements are impeded SOMEhow, SOMEway.

Mr. Sea, of course, has to wear a tuxedo. We were both kind of excited about this, because I'd never seen Mr. Sea in a tux before (he got married in a suit). Last night, we picked up the tux, and we were both disappointed when he tried it on, because it looks like ... well ... a suit. The tux style in question looks like just a normal, boring suit. It's what the groom picked out, though, so whatever makes him happy ... *Sigh.*

As I mentioned before, I'm not a huge fan of weddings -- but that's just me. My problem is that I've witnessed far too many instances where people placed more importance on having a big, fancy, fairy-tale wedding than on the marriage itself. This attitude of mine caused a bit of a problem when Mr. Sea and I decided to get married: He wanted a big wedding; I wanted to ELOPE. We compromised by having a very small ceremony with only our immediate family members and our grandparents in attendance. We held the ceremony outdoors in the (then new) Fishers, Indiana town square gazebo, with a minister friend of Mr. Sea's family presiding. Mr. Sea wore his best suit, and I wore a lacy sundress. Once the ceremony was done, members of the Fishers fire department (who were watching the show; the fire station is right across from the gazebo, after all) rang their bells, then the families retired to a local restaurant to eat, drink, and be merry. Totally stress-free wedding ceremony.

THEN Mr. Sea and I left to go whitewater rafting -- giving new meaning to "'Til death do us part," baby! WOO HOO!

After our trip, Mr. Sea and I threw a huge party for the rest of our family and friends. Nice and casual, and everyone had a good time.

(Hey, we're still married fourteen years later, so I reckon we've done SOMETHING right.)

Two weeks ago, Georgette told me, "I wish now I'd gotten married the way YOU guys did! I just want this to be OVER!" The poor girl. However, tomorrow's the big day, so it will all be over soon enough.

Mighty Mite will be attending the wedding, too. She has a cute little dress to wear, and she'll be sitting in the back of the church with her uncle George. I'm a bit worried, though, because she's been getting better and better at forming sounds that resemble real words, and lately her favorite thing to say -- nay, YELL -- has been "HeckYeah!" At least, that's what it sounds like: "HeckYeah!" I have no idea where she picked it up, but she really gets into yelling it. She bunches her hands up into little fists, arches her back, gets a big grin on her face, and belts it out: "HeckYeah!"

I can just imagine how the ceremony is going to go tomorrow.

Minister: "If anyone present feels that there's a reason why this man and this woman shouldn't be joined together in holy matrimony--"

Mighty Mite: "HeckYeah!"

Minister: "--let him speak now--"

Mighty Mite: "HeckYeah!"

Minister: "--or forever hold--"

Mighty Mite (as Uncle George is rushing out of the church with her): "HeckYeah! HeckYeah! HeckYeah!"

I KNOW it's going to happen. I just KNOW it.


TF said...
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TF said...


*retreats to cave with 'big book of naughty words to teach small innocent children'*


MetFanMac said...

At least that would definitely make their wedding memorable... :-)

SallyP said...

Heh heh. You only THINK that Mighty Mite is saying "heckyeah!" What she is REALLY saying is "Halsucks!" Guy's been sneaking over and giving her lessons.

Ah weddings. Huge elaborate weddings are mainly fun if you are a guest, certainly not if you are the one who has to pay for it. It does seem to be a corollary, that the more expensive the wedding, the quicker the divorce.

Sea_of_Green said...

Nooooo! Mighty Mite LOVES Hal! She really does!

Or, at least, she likes trying pull his arms and legs off my action figure of Hal. ;-)