Tuesday, December 2, 2008

DC story mode video clips: Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe

I swear, video games are becoming more and more like interactive movies.

Following up on my earlier review of this game, here are video clips, in order, from Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe's DC story mode -- for anyone who has a LOT of time to kill. Each segment showcases a different character and includes SOME fighting video. (The Green Lantern segment, in particular, always cracks me up thanks to Luthor getting snarky with Hal. Plus the Guardians give Hal the good ol' "The-universe-is-falling-apart-but-we-can't-spare-any-more-Corps-members-to-help-you're-on-your-own-sucker" excuse. Hee, hee!)

Note: The Mortal Kombat side of the story covers things from, of course, the Mortal Kombat point of view. Plot holes that exist in the DC side of the story are filled in by the Mortal Kombat side.

The Flash:


Wonder Woman:

Green Lantern:

Captain Marvel:

The Joker:

Lex Luthor:



FoldedSoup said...

I watched every one of those today. They're strangely riveting.

Yeah, I'd love to play this game. But it would be better on the Wii...

Sea_of_Green said...

They are weirdly fascinating, aren't they? I think the DC characters translate pretty well into high-end computer graphics.