Friday, December 12, 2008

The cutest widdle fishies in the whole wide world!

With the passing of our beloved fish, Porthos, the fifty-gallon tank in the living room was looking a bit, well, empty. It was so depressing to see that nice, big, established tank just sitting there with no fishies swimming around in it. Mr. Sea and I decided we couldn't leave it sitting empty for long.

Well, the tank isn't empty anymore! It's now full of the cutest, spunkiest, most active and colorful little fishies you can imagine.

We bought baby fish -- NINE of them -- so that they could grow up and have fun together. They're all sorts of colors -- there's a white one, and a green one, and a couple of yellow ones, and a blue one, and a brown one with leopard spots ... ALL sorts of colors.

And because it's the holidays and there are nine baby fish, we named them after Santa's reindeer: Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner, Blitzen, and Rudolph. Isn't that adorable? Awwww, they're so cute -- the names definitely fit them.

Oh, LOOK, here's little Comet, coming to say hello to everyone! Isn't he a sweet little fishy? Say hi to the nice people, Comet!

What kind of fish are they, you ask? Oh, they're Lake Malawi African Cichlids. Aren't they ADORABLE?

Of course, behaviorally, Cichlids DO tend to make Piranhas seem like fluffy bunnies by comparison. And they do tend to be a bit territorial, and they have a nasty habit of digging up plants and any other aquarium decorations. And we can't put other fish in the tank, for fear of the Cichlids completely MURDERING the other fish. Oh, and there's a chance that when the Cichlids grow up, they might beat the living crapola out of each other...

But ... awwwwwwwwwww ... they're such CUTE widdle fishies!!!


Thomas Fummo said...

basically... you have a bunch of new yorkers in a fish tank.

ba-dumpa dump tssssh!

what fun we are having :-D

SallyP said... now have a tankful of rude killer fish?

I am impressed beyond words.

FoldedSoup said...

Man, I miss my old fishtank...

Back then, I named them all after famous dictators.. we had Hitler, Mussolini, Castro, etc. We had about 10 of them .. mostly cichlids, but I'm sure some were just random fish that really shouldn't have been in the mix. They did NOT get along with each other - to the point that it wasn't uncommon for one to be "missing" every month or so.

Eventually, we played on the idea of "who's top dictator?!" Who's Last Fish Swimming?! Placing bets and whatnot on which fish would win.

Papa Doc Duvalier. He even ate Baby Doc before he was finished.


Christian Zamora said...

Well, I'm a cat person... I think I shouldn't go any further :P

Richard said...

Ey! No cracks about New Yorkers! I knows a guy who knows a guy, you mouth off to him, one night maybe you find yourself sleeping with those fishes...and I don't mean in no tank, capice?

Translation: I love jokes about New Yorkers. ;-D

Thomas Fummo said...

RAB: eeeeeyy an I won't-a take-a no cracks aboutta italo-americanos, capish? we're not all mafia... doh mostovvus are... s'pecially our politicians.

translation: glad you do. I was scared you were gonna kill me there :-)

MetFanMac said...

I vote we re-christen them "Frank Miller Fish".

Saranga said...

"and a brown one with leopard spots"

Killer leopardy fish??!! That is the coolest thing.

Sea-of-Green said...

That's right, gosh darn it -- Goddamn Batman is no match for my Goddamn Fish! ;-)