Monday, November 3, 2008

The Monumental Marathon!

This past Saturday, the very first Monumental Marathon was run in Indianapolis, Indiana. Why "monumental?" Well, aside from the fact that in the very center of the city is the gorgeous Soldiers and Sailors monument (pictured), Indianapolis has more war memorials (and land devoted to war memorials) than any other city in the entire USA, outside of Washington, D.C. Not sure WHY we have so many monuments, but I'm not complaining, because they ARE cool, and they make downtown Indianapolis all the more gorgeous for their presence. Hey, every year, the Soldiers and Sailors monument is draped with strings upon strings of lights, so it becomes the world's largest artificial Christmas tree for a time. It's a big deal. The city holds a tree-lighting ceremony every year, and downtown is always PACKED to the gills when that happens.

Anyway, back to the marathon -- Mr. Sea trained for the marathon all year (his very first FULL marathon), and he finished it! He finished it in just over five hours, but he DID finish it.

Now he's planning to go back next year and see if he can finish it in UNDER five hours. Woo hoo!

Aside from that -- I hope everyone had a great Halloween, 'cause ours was just FABULOUS. More on that later!


SallyP said...

Huge congratulations to Mr. Sea for even attempting to run a Marathon, much less finishing one! I am hellaciously impressed.

Indianapolis looks to be awfully pretty too. Hartford, Ct. is actually a rather gorgeous Victorian city, except for the parts that we are busy tearing down for parking lots.

TF said...

The only monument we have here in Grugliasco is Mr.Bonelli, the local crazy tramp who eats cigarettes and swears at nuns.

This post has inspired me and I shall attempt to run round him three times.
But first, I have updated my comix. Run three laps around it and then tell me how tired your socks are.

FoldedSoup said...

Congrats again to Mr. Sea! Personally, I'm much too lazy / easily bored to be able to run for that long at a time. perhaps if something was chasing me...

(Good show, sir!)