Thursday, November 13, 2008

Green Hornet combines crimes like no one else

Here's a classic example of WHY the cover of a comic book should ALWAYS reflect the story inside. Here the cover shows Green Hornet and Kato busting some counterfeiters ("We'll teach you conterfeiters that you can't get away with crime!"). HOWEVER, read the text in the lower left-hand corner.

"Marijuana Racket"? Just WHAT are these guys counterfeiting? Talk about confusing your readers.

"We'll teach you not to put fake stuff on the streets! What the heck is that, anyway? Marjoram? No -- oregano? Oregano! That's IT -- we're gonna make honest crooks out of you, by gosh!"


ComicsAllTooReal's Chris said...

Hmmmmmm... The logo of the Racket Buster looks quite a lot like the old Green Lantern one. I sense a pattern here :-P

Oh, and let's just ban Oregano and move on, lol.

SallyP said...


I am a bit confused as to why the dame in the lower right-hand corner is all dolled up. I would think that counterfitting would be a tad on the messy side.

FoldedSoup said...

There's a lot of Green implied in that cover...

Maxo said...

If we would just legalize oregano, we wouldn't have this ridiculous War on Spices.

TF said...

the guy in the apron is not human.

And I love the recurring 'sliding panel' references.

kato: 'Hurry Hornet, sliding panel closing'

and just in case you're incredibly dense, you get a handy little sign underneath the 'marijuana racket' box saying SLIDING PANEL.

So THAT's what's happening! Stupid Kato. He should spell thing out evem more slowly.


Sea_of_Green said...

Yep, this cover has it all, most definitely. Which just adds to the general confusion behind the whole thing.

And, yeah, just what IS a dolled-up gangster's moll doing hanging around a counterfeit shop?