Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Superman's fashion sense -- or lack thereof

Bruce: "No, no, NO, stupid! What I meant was, if you go out dressed in THAT sissy getup, villains will go OUT of their WAY to beat the tar out of you!"

Ollie: "Hold on -- What's that sunburst coming out of your waistline?"

Bruce: "What the hell are you supposed to be, anyway, Clark? Bladder-Control-Problem Man?

Ollie: "Seriously, if you're REALLY lucky, people will think you're Happy Orgasm Man!"

Bruce: "Are you PLANNING be a spokesman for Viagra?"

Ollie (whispering): "I hope to God he doesn't get his powers back now, or we're DEAD."

Bruce (whispering): "Careful -- he's untucking his shirt!"

Clark: "Grrrrrrrrr ..."


SallyP said...

My God! Alan Scott would be embarrassed to wear that costume! Cosmic Boy would be embarrassed to wear that costume! Heck, a VILLAIN would be embarrassed to wear that costume!!

But Batman's and Green Arrow's comments are JUST perfect. And Superman has something of a swelled head.

Tomfoolery said...


It's like some freaky masked wrester fried egg/ejaculation-themed costume!

also, why would batman be jealous?
if Bruce made it as an 'ordinary man' as Supes says, what's he got to be jealous of Clark doing the same?

and the untucking of the shirt gesture is just pure creepy.
Like he's going to undress in front of them. he's called Bruce and Ollie to tell them to great news and he's gona strip to his skivvies with them watching.

Sea_of_Green said...

Beats me why Batman would be jealous. Yeah, I think Superman does get a swelled head from time to time. All the more reason to ridicule him!

ComicsAllTooReal's Chris said...

Hey! It's not that bad! It could be a New God costume, I mean, before they were killed in Death of the New Gods, or brought back without any explanation in Final Crisis, now, only, they don't wear costumes... bleh!