Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Nathan Fillion as Hal Jordan?

Over at Green Lantern Butts Forever, Sally recently asked her fellow bloggers who they thought should be Hal Jordan in the upcoming (HOPEFULLY upcoming) Green Lantern movie. Most respondents mentioned Canadian actor Nathan Fillion, best known for playing Captain Mal Reynolds on the TV series Firefly. (Sally, if you like cowboys AND science fiction, you really need to rent or purchase the Firefly DVD set!)

Nathan Fillion, eh? Hadn't thought of him, which surprises me because I rather like Nathan Fillion. But does he (or, rather, the type of character he portrays) have what it takes to really be Hal Jordan? Let's see ...

Reasonably handsome without being baby-faced?




Charming, arrogant, and completely cock-sure of himself?


Killer with the ladies?

Check. (There, Soup! I managed to sneak in a photo with Morena Baccarin, just for you. You know, if the casting rumors work out, this photo COULD come to represent Hal Jordan and Wonder Woman!)

Often clueless?


Nice butt?

Ooooooooh, check, check, CHECK!

Dunno that he necessarily gets hit in the head a lot, but based on everything else, it appears to me that Nathan Fillion would be an ideal Hal Jordan.


FoldedSoup said...

As much as Morena's name gets tossed around as a potential Wonder Woman, I would much MUCH rather see Gina Torres play the Amazonian Warrior. She'd be perfect, skin color be damned.

Still.. any pic of Morena.. *rowr rowr!* So, thanks for that!

ComicsAllTooReal's Chris said...

Hahahahaha! When I saw the last picture, I almost laughed out loud in the middle of class. Okay, I shouldn't be reading this, but believe me, I'd be bored to death.

Now, back into Nathan Fillion, when you asked about who would make a great Green Lantern, I basically blanked. But this guy really fits the bill. He'd be a perfect Green Lantern. He's likeable and that weird kind of guy who's likeable by both men and women.

You should start a petition ;-)

MetFanMac said...

Can't argue with that. Well presented.

SallyP said...

THAT'S Nathan Fillion? Well fry me for doughnut! He WOULD make a great Hal!

And may I just thank you for that last rather cheeky scan. Rowwrrrr!

Saranga said...

Hot damn.

Sea_of_Green said...

Oops, I forgot to write that he's also very good at appearing heroic. :-) Oh, well. He IS fine, though, isn't he? ;-)

Soup, I agree that Gina Torres WOULD make a great Wonder Woman. She's certainly good at portraying that level of "Don't MESS with me!" -- while also appearing feminine. That's difficult for many actresses to master. :-)

TF said...

as long as he keeps singing, I'm not fussed.

:-pppp razz

Siskoid said...

So everything was against Jack Black from the very beginning...

Tony Z™ said...

I do like Nathan Fillion. Even more now after that last pic. >:-)
But there's something off for me about him being Hal. I guess I want someone who looks more like a Ivan Reis drawing or something... More classically square-jawed handsome or something?

Here's a pic of Nathan looking heroic.

And whoever plays him needs to fit the costume like this. Actually, any guy in a superhero movie should...

Tony Z™ said...

Oops. I got my links backwards! Drat it!

Nathan looking heroic

How costumes should fit

I'm a goob.

Sea_of_Green said...

I agree that Nathan doesn't quite fit my (admittedly unrealistic) mental image of a drop-dead-gorgeous Hal. HOWEVER, as I said in my post, he IS reasonably handsome, and more importantly for movies, he has all the necessary tools to completely NAIL Hal's behavior and personality. That's good enough for me. :-)

ComicsAllTooReal's Chris said...

I keep seeing Nathan more and more as the right Hal Jordan / Green Lantern.

And I wouldn't put a hyper gorgeous guy in the role because he could 'cause the same bad reaction as the guy who played Superman in the latest movie (can't ever remember his name).

I think Nathan does have the perky attitude Hal can have at times, while looking serious when needed.