Monday, October 27, 2008

The Ghost of Willard Library (and Ghost Cam!)

Here in Indiana, we have a haunted library. No joke. Willard Library, located in Evansville, Indiana, has been haunted for at least 70 years by a ghost known to locals as the Grey Lady (no, not like the Harry Potter "Grey Lady."). The existence of the Grey Lady is well known to many Hoosiers, and she's been featured in dozens of TV shows, including a Discovery Channel documentary and the Ghosthunters television show.

Apparently, the Grey Lady appears so often that libary employees merely regard her as part of the regular staff. She doesn't appear to be a malevolent spirit, though she does have the annoying habit of moving books around and shutting water faucets on and off.

The library has set up several "ghost cams" around the building for anyone who wants to keep an eye out for the ghost. Anyone interested can find links to the cams from this page:

Have fun, and happy ghost hunting!


SallyP said...

That is a gorgeous Library. I like Libraries. I wouldn't mind haunting one myself someday.

Maxo said...

Neat! Especially when it's after-hours and the library's dark.

Sea_of_Green said...

Libraries were just MADE for ghosts. ;-) I'm surprised the main branch of the Indianapolis public library hasn't had ghost sightings. It looks like a big mausoleum.