Monday, September 29, 2008

Why does everyone in the DCU think Batman can handle anything?

He really can't, you know, despite what Jay Garrick might think here:

Jay, you couldn't be more wrong. Here's the proof:

With one SWOK, it's Sandy = 1, Batman = 0. At least Jay has the decency to seem a little embarrassed.

Wonder Woman is apparently no help, either. She might as well be hopping up and down crying, "Oh, what do we DO?! What do we DO?!"

And what the heck kind of sound effect is SWOK, anyway?


Pete said...

Batman can handle anything 'cause he trained forever to be the best at everything.

Except, you know, keeping his parents alive.

SallyP said...

Go Sandy! Is this the one where he clobbers Hal, because Hal fails to notice that he's...uh...YELLOW?

Oh Hal.

Oh yeah, back to Batman. HAW!!!

Tomfoolery said...

SWOK is not unlike hitting someone with an ewok.
ewoks make handy weapons in a tight situation.
SWOKKING someone is not unlike EWOKKING someone.

that's all I can come up with, with my present headache.

Sea_of_Green said...

Oh, but Pete, EVERYONE needs an Achilles' Heel. ;-)

It IS hard not to keep coming back to abusing Hal, isn't it, Sally? SO hard.

And, Tomfoolery, I wouldn't wish getting socked with an Ewok on ANYONE.