Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Let's watch Green Arrow smack Green Lantern around

Yesterday I had fun with Batman smacking Hal (Green Lantern) Jordan around, which he's actually done quite a bit. However, NO ONE -- and I mean NO ONE -- has smacked Hal around more than THIS man:

Yeah, someone's gonna get hurt, all right. And that someone is Oliver (Green Arrow) Queen's best friend and favorite punching bag, Hal Jordan:

Yessiree, Hal and Ollie have had quite a few skirmishes over the years. Exhibit A ...

Exhibit B ...

Ollie's also used his gas arrows on Hal quite a few times.

Heck, even when Hal was the Spectre, Ollie didn't hesitate to sock him in the chops:

A word to the wise: NEVER suggest to Ollie that his macho behavior is "just an act."

Another word to the wise: NEVER suggest to Ollie that Black Canary doesn't dig 'im. NEVER.

Obviously, Hal isn't very wise!

(Heh, heh ... I love that last sequence. That's one of my favorite Hal-and-Ollie moments of all time.)

Somehow, despite everything Ollie has done to him, Hal's never learned to be on his guard around Ollie. He's either a slow learner, or he's just a tad TOO trusting and forgiving.

(An interesting thing to note, though: In all of the times Hal and Ollie have gotten into one-on-one skirmishes with each other, NOT ONCE has Hal EVER used his super powers against Ollie. NOT ONCE. Not even when Hal, as Parallax, was taken out by Ollie during Zero Hour [a story I'll cover some other time]. Sure, Hal's used his powers on Ollie in other situations, but when they're duking it out, he really seems to go out of his way to avoid hurting Ollie -- despite the fact that Ollie doesn't seem to mind hurting him.)


Carnivac said...

Hah I love that 'Doesn't dig you' bit. The expression on Ollie's face and then the Pow!

That's now already one of my most favorite moments in comics. Which issue is it?

Anonymous said...

With friends like that, who needs other friends?

SallyP said...

Hal and Ollie really do have an interesting relationship, don't they? And you're right, Hal has always been quite careful when he fights with Ollie, almost tender, really. He treats John, Guy and Kyle quite differently, I've noticed.

But Hal indulged Ollie's tantrums...maybe too much. Ollie really ought to grow up one of these days.

Sea_of_Green said...

That sequence is from Green Lantern-Green Arrow #78.

I think Ollie HAS grown quite a bit in the last few years. He really doesn't go around punching out Hal anymore (though he still acts as Hal's "Jiminy Cricket" from time to time). And Hal has gotten better about speaking up and openly poking fun at Ollie instead of just clamming up and remaining in the background.

Evil Twin said...


somehow, that just doens't work.
Shouldn't it be 'ring-wearer' seeing as Hal doensn't 'sling' his ring but only wear it?
Am I being too nitpicky?
I'm being too nitpicky.

Sea_of_Green said...

"Ring-slinger" is actually a very old Green Lantern nickname, going all the way back to the 1960s. It's hardly used anymore, though Brad Meltzer did make use of the term "ring-slinging" in his initial run on the new JLA title.

Evil Twin said...

It does sound silly, though, doesn't it?
I mean... It can't just be me.
It sounds like a lame rip-off of spidey's 'web-slinging' nickname.
I knew a guy on a forum who played GL in a superhero RPG and I called him 'Blinkey-ring'.
What fun we had!
Until they banned me. ;-)

notintheface said...

My favorite Hal-Ollie skirmish is from GREEN ARROW#20 during the Mike Grell run. Ollie had accidntally shot a kid during a battle, and he got depressed and began drinking heavily. What happens in GA#20 is something I like to call "Intervention: Hal Jordan Style", where what begins as a friendly fly-fishing trip degenerates into three glorious pages of Hal and Ollie beating the living crap out of each other.

Saranga said...

I enjoyed that post, but I do love Ollie so it was inevitable.
Notintheface: I posted that scene from GA #20 on my blgo. It was fun. :)