Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Let's watch Batman smack Green Lantern around

I got nothin' today, folks. I'm just trying to get some work done after a long weekend of authors not doing the work they promised to do. (Yeah, those jaw-jerkers will promise the moon during a holiday weekend, but do they ever deliver? Naaaaah ...) Anyways, I'm cranky, so let's watch Batman smack Hal (Green Lantern) Jordan around, shall we?

I do think Hal should get in the first punch, though:

Okay, the gloves are off!

Even, huh? Ha! Don't you believe for a minute that Batman believes what he just said. Hal hardly ever holds a grudge ...

... but we all know that isn't true of Batman, don't we?

Obviously, whacking Hal Jordan in the head doesn't have much of an effect (it's happened too many times). But there's always gassing him:

(Waitasecond ... Batman wants to tap into Hal's subconscious? Y'know ... it really doesn't take a detective to figure out the contents of Hal's subconscious: "PLANES! GIRLS! PLANES! GIRLS! PLANES! GIRLS! PLANES! GIRLS! PLANES! GIRLS! PLANES! GIRLS! PLANES! GIRLS! PLANES ...!")

Anyway, be it through punching him, gassing him, or whacking him in the head, there's plenty of evidence out there that Batman seems determined to make Hal Jordan his bitch, one way or another.

(Geez, Bats, why don't you just admit you're in love with the guy? Really, Batman's as bad as Sinestro. Sure, Hal DOES have a standard response toward unwanted advances -- "Sorry, you're not my type" -- but Batman isn't exactly known to take NO for an answer, is he?)

In all fairness, though, Batman has good reasons for wanting to knock Hal's block off. Hal certainly doesn't make things easy for Batman, what with the number of times Hal's been possessed or mind-controlled. Poor Batman has enough trust issues as it is, especially since Hal usually tries to pass the buck.

"It wasn't me, I swear! It was the ring/I was possessed by an alien parasite/I was a victim of mind control/someone was masquerading as me/I don't remember what I was doing because I've been hit in the head too many times!"

I feel sorry for Batman, actually. I really, really do.


Pete said...

It's Guy's expression I love the best--you know he's been dreaming about that moment for AGES.

SallyP said...

Oh these are delightful. That first scan is one of my very favorite ones of all time, primarily because of the look of joy on Guy's face...not to mention the amazement on Kilowog's.

I do like the look on Hal's face, when Batman is sitting on him however. He's just so...resigned.

You have Hal's subconcious down so perfectly. It's true though, that as big a jackass as Hal can occasonally be, he really doesn't hold grudges. But I can see where he would have the infinite capacity to drive Batman up a wall.

Although, when you consider it, it isn't just Hal who can infuriate Batman, it is ALL of the Lanterns...even John. They have a tendancy to be a bit free-wheeling as a group or as individuals, so I can see why they drive Batman crazy.

Sea_of_Green said...

I don't know why it always cracks me up to see Batman trying to abuse Hal, but it does. I think the key word is "TRYING." No matter how badly Batman treats Hal, Hal always seems to spring back up like a boppy toy -- you can punch him in the nose all you want, and he'll always jump back up with a, "okay, what's next" attitude. Infuriating, to say the least. :-)

Anonymous said...

I can't resist quoting an anonymous poster on Seven Hells:

"If this panel were a 1970s sitcom, either a priest, a Guardian, or Aunt Harriet[*] would walk in on them now. And then they'd try to explain themselves with hilarious consequences.

[*]But not Alfred. He knows what time it is."


Sea_of_Green said...

LOL! It IS true, though. :-)

Caique said...

from wich comics did you take those pics?