Friday, September 26, 2008

Kilowog, the Undead Lantern

Googum at Random Happenstance recently brought up the topic of, just HOW was Kilowog brought back to life after Hal Jordan (possessed by Parallax) killed him during Emerald Twilight? For those of you who don't know, here, in a nutshell, is what happened. Brace yourselves for typical comic-book nuttiness:

Kilowog was FIRST brought back via black magic by a bunch of ex-Lanterns who were REALLY ticked off at Hal Jordan/Parallax and wanted to wipe every trace of him out of the universe. Kilowog was resurrected as their tool of revenge, and he cruised the universe for a time as an undead critter known unofficially as the "Dark Lantern." And, let me tell you, Kilowog as an undead Lantern was scary as hell:

For a brief time, the main object of Kilowog's wrath was a little kid named Marty Jordan. Initially, everyone THOUGHT Marty was an illegitimate son of Hal Jordan (and, really, given Hal's track record with women, there was no reason to suspect otherwise). However, Marty actually turned out to be the ring energy that was left behind after Hal died while reigniting the sun. The ring energy adopted the form of the "son of Hal Jordan" (named, of course, after Hal's father, Martin) and sought help from Hal's old friend, Tom Kalmaku. (See the trade book, The Last Will and Testament of Hal Jordan, for all the gory details.)

With "Marty's" help, Tom Kalmaku managed to recreate OA -- after which, Kilowog abandoned the Vengeful Wrath business and instead resided on OA. Later, Kyle Rayner, after acquiring the powers of Ion, brought Kilowog completely back to life.

What I want to know is, is the undead Kilowog what Geoff Johns & Company have in mind for the "zombie" Lantern Corps for the upcoming Blackest Night story? If so, then I'm thrilled. Like I said before, Kilowog as an undead Lantern was scary as hell. Seeing an entire Corps of "Dark Lanterns" like that would be terrifying and thrilling.


SallyP said...

Oh, I read that book. It was a little on the weird side, but the I remember the artwork being quite nice. And Kilowog tore Guy's arm off, which must have hurt a bit.

It WAS nice of Kyle to bring back Kilowog. Kyle is such a NICE boy.

Sea_of_Green said...

It IS a weird story, but it has some great bits. I especially liked Kyle confronting Tom over leaving Marty alone in a room with Batman -- "Like his therapy bills aren't going to be high enough!"

That, and Brent Anderson draws a VERY pretty Hal. :-)

Tomfoolery said...

Undead Lantern made me want to get a power ring and die, just so i could be brought back to life with dark space-wizards and look like a crazy-ass evil dictionary with a sythe!!!


Never read it.
KNow absolutely nothing about it.
Looks preety nifty though! :-)

googum said...

That is kinda cool looking, even if I don't know if I can see Kilowog under there. Seems not squat enough: you couldn't repaint a Kilowog figure and get that, could you?

What happened to Martin, then?

Sea_of_Green said...

"Marty" reverted back to pure energy and became part of the resurrected Oa.