Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Dark Carnival, 2008!

The Dark Carnival Film Festival, devoted to horror films and everyone who loves horror films, was recently held in Bloomington, Indiana, and it's a bash that seems to be growing bigger and bigger every year.

Anyone who makes their own horror films or is interested in making their own horror films should really check out Dark Carnival because in addition to be a really great party, it is a FABULOUS way to get your work out there where it can be truly appreciated.

I'm so happy for my friend Dave (yes, his real name), because Dark Carnival is definitely a labor of love for him, and so many people have shown their appreciation for the festival. It's nice when someone has a chance to work on something they love and then have that something become successful.

Here are photos from this year's bash (posted with permission!):


Double eek!

Oh, LOOK, it's a ... bearded lady fire-eater ...?

Another EEK!


Fans (victims)!

Dave with actor and musician Ari Lehman:

The Carny Award, for festival film award winners, designed by artist Phil Velikan. Apparently, some of these are sitting right next to Emmy awards in filmmakers' homes:

Dave with actor Ken Foree:

Sammy Terry! Sammy Terry (shown here with willing victim) hosted a late-night horror film show in central Indiana for years and years and years. It's thanks to this man that I discovered things like Godzilla movies and Attack of the Giant Leeches:

Dave with "Scream Queen" Tiffany Shepis:


Tomfoolery said...

Sammy Terry?

You sure that's not Pope Benedict (Also known as Dumbnut Adolph Ratzula)?

SallyP said...

Cool! You know, clowns HAD to be the scariest thing they could find for the tropies!

Sea_of_Green said...

There's nothing scarier than clowns. NOTHING.

Gosh, how I love Sammy Terry. And Cowboy Bob. I had a HUGE crush on Cowboy Bob when I was a kid. I should do a blog post about him some time ...