Tuesday, August 26, 2008

On wearing a Green Lantern shirt in public

I admit, I own a large number of Green Lantern t-shirts. Mr. Sea teases me about them, but I'm really quite fond of my shirts.

I also admit that I don't often wear t-shirts in public. Admittedly, I'm not really a big t-shirt fan outside of the house -- t-shirts are usually casual wear for mowing the lawn or in lieu of a good pajama top.

When I DO venture into public places in a t-shirt, though, these days it's almost always in a Green Lantern t-shirt. (Yes, I'm a geek.) However, I'm usually VERY careful about which ones I wear.

For example, I learned very quickly not to wear THIS one if I want to avoid harrassment:

It attracts more comments than any other GL shirt I own, but it attracts comments like the following:

"Kyle Rayner is better than Hal Jordan!"
"John Stewart is better than Hal Jordan!"
"Guy Gardner is better than Hal Jordan!"
"Superman could kick Hal Jordan's ass!"
"Why the hell did they bring back Hal Jordan?"
AND the ever-popular, "Hey, I thought Green Lantern was a black guy!"

Then there's THIS shirt, which has a fuzzy Green Lantern logo. That's right -- FUZZY:

Favorite comment: "Looks like moss is growing on your chest!"

Nope, no more fuzzy shirt in public. Sorry.

I'm rather fond of THIS particular shirt, since only true Green Lantern fans get it:

Here again, though, the fans that DO get it tend to bombard me with the same old "So-and-so-is-better-than-Hal-Jordan" comments.

(That, and NEVER wear the shirt to an air show -- unless you want to receive loads of very confused looks from pilots.)

Then there's this nice, simple, non-fuzzy shirt:

Most people who recognize the symbol merely say, "Nice Green Lantern shirt!" However, I DO occasionally get the question, "So, who's your favorite Green Lantern?" Oooooooh, that's just asking for yet another "So-and-so is better than so-and-so" confrontation, like what I get with other shirts.

I found a fool-proof answer to the question, though: "Kilowog!" After I say that, the other person almost always laughs and nods in agreement -- and then leaves me alone.

My favorite Green Lantern shirt? It's THIS one:

Simple. Cool design. Nice, neutral colors. And everyone seems to like it, whether or not they know anything about Green Lantern.

Oh, the peer pressure, the peer pressure ...! Sure, I could just NOT wear ANY Green Lantern t-shirts in public and therefore avoid ALL of this hassle. But where's the fun in that?


Carnivac said...

I often wear my GL shirt out. Is simple green with the white circle and green lantern. The white area material seems to reflect light pretty well and often looks like it's sorta glowy in photos or at night if there's any sort of light nearby like a street lamp. Only ever had two comments about it though. A cashier in a supermarket remarked "where's your ring?" and a little kid came up to me near where I used to live and asked if he could be a Green Lantern too. To be honest I was surprised cos I don't think the GL's were that well known in the UK here. Certainly not anywhere near the extent of Superman or Batman. Need a GL movie.

SallyP said...

I have one like the dark green one, with the ring symbol on the front. I don't wear it TOO often,as I'm trying to keep it pristene.

I love the Test Pilot one however. Hardcore!

I just got one for my youngest's birthday, it looks like Kyle's old Ion uniform, with the glowing stylized lantern on the front. Rather interesting. She loves it.

We need to find a tiny one for Mighty Mite.

Sea_of_Green said...

Well, there IS a baby costume that's styled like John's. I've been tempted, believe me! :-)

Riddering said...

I'm sure it would annoy me just as much, but the idea of debating Green Lanterns with a passing stranger just sounds fun. Or, really, discussing anything Green Lantern spontaneously. The best I've got is the time I recited the GL oath on a date. But it was in the context of discussing comics, so it's not as though I just busted out with it over desert. *g*

Do you have any recommendations for Green Lantern t-shirts that are flattering for the female body? I've been burned too many times by t-shirts that awkwardly roll up around my hips (or suction themselves to my hips, ugh) but I really, really want a GL shirt.

Pete said...

I've got a standard dark green one with the emblem, and one of Hal that says 'All About the Green'. I haven't had anyone give me a hard time about them yet...but then I'm notorious for wearing nerdy shirts.

Lisa said...

I do like that last one the best. But who can resist a fuzzy shirt? Not me! No matter what superhero logo is on it.

Sea_of_Green said...

I think that dark green one is probably the most popular one amongst fans, Pete. :-)

Riddering -- I do have a fitted women's Green Lantern shirt that I got from Superherostuff.com. They call it their "junior" shirt. It's in dark green with the traditional logo. It fits the ol' curves rather nicely -- I just don't wear it much 'cause it isn't as comfy as the other (mens) shirts. :-) The sizes run a bit small, so going with the next larger size is recommended. Superherostuff.com has a pretty good shirt selection, including the only GL t-shirt I've ever seen with Alan Scott's GL symbol.

Scott said...

Hi! do you know where you got the Tri Logo shirt from? Or who makes it?

Sea-of-Green said...

Geez, Scott -- I'm sorry, but I don't know! :-( I wish I had a good answer for you. I got it off of eBay about two years ago.

Bob said...

I've got a wide assortment of GL shirts myself. Most people who recognize them, though, have agreed with me that Hal Jordan is the greatest GL.

Best comment I've ever gotten while wearing the dark green one was when someone asked me what fraternity I belonged to. He thought the GL emblem was the Greek letter phi.

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