Thursday, August 7, 2008

More Fun with Fábrica de Heróis!

I'm still having WAY too much fun with Fábrica de Heróis's super-hero image generator. I couldn't resist putting together images of some of my favorite boys from the comics:

Hal, of course:


The Green Lama, in his original costume ('cept I fixed his boots. Sorry, Sally!):

Magnus, Robot Fighter!

My first attempt at Walter "Wallop" Destine, from ClanDestine. Not quite happy with it. I'll try it again later:

And, just for the fun of it, here's Brickman!

EDIT: Everyone! Go visit The Want List and see what Folded Soup did with the Watchmen! :-D


SallyP said...


Actually, the Green Lama's boots look ever so much better.

Sea_of_Green said...

Why do so many people have a thing against elf boots? I LIKE elf boots! They're adorable!

Oh, well ...

SallyP said...

The thing with the elf boots is that I think that he could trip over them. And unlike Robin's the Green Lama's were a bit on the...saggy side.

Pete said...

I made a Red Tornado that I'm pretty pleased with.

googum said...

Always glad to see Nightcrawler, and old school Magnus is a treat. Did the feet and tail take a while?

Sea_of_Green said...

Sally -- True. A lesson from Impractical Costuming 101. :-)

Pete -- You need to post Reddy! We wanna see!

Googum -- Actually, the programmer must be a Nightcrawler fan because Kurt's hands, feet, and tail are pre-programmed into the generator! (There are pre-programmed Hellboy "parts," too.) The hardest things to generate on Kurt were his gloves and boots.

Pete said...

Okay, here's how I spent the first two hours of my shift at work:

Red Tornado

The Big Seven

Jim Lee X-Men (mostly)

The last one is 'mostly' because I couldn't do Angel's Pink Monstrosity™ outfit with the program. I also think I can improve Psylocke's a bit.

I played a little fast and loose with JLA--I did a classic Aquaman and gave him a leaner body, cause it didn't make sense for him to be all top heavy, being a swimmer and all.

I'm gonna go play with it more now. :D

Sea_of_Green said...

Wow, those are great, Pete! I especially like your X-men grouping. I'll bet that took forever to do, though! ;-)

Egyptoid said...

Try this: