Friday, July 18, 2008

Off to celebrate "Batman Day"

I'm off to see Batman at the movies. Yep, it's time to go see The Dark Knight and remind myself why Batman was my first great love, at least where super-heroes are concerned.

Before I do that, I should post an update on my progress in pruning my comic book collection. I've finished with the "J"s and doubled back to FINALLY go through the "G"s. Oh, it's going to be PAINFUL. For some reason, I didn't have any trouble getting rid of most of my Batman comics. Sad to state, it's now evident to me that very few Batman stories (of the ones that haven't been reprinted) over the last four decades are really worth keeping -- at least for me. :-( However, right now, I DON'T feel that way about Green Lantern or Green Arrow. Yep, pruning the "G"s is going to be tough.

Something else that's become evident: Originally, my plan was to prune my collection all the way down to only ONE comic book box. Well, that's now beginning to look impossible. So, I've changed my goal to TWO boxes. If it turns out that I CAN make it to only one box, I will certainly do so. For now, though, TWO boxes looks to be a difficult-enough goal!


The_Main_Street_Avenger said...

Outside of the usual entertainment media, the consensus from the general public is that this new movie is a plotless, terribly acted rip-off waste of money and 3 hours of your viewing life, so that tells me I should keep hold of my cash and wait for something else better to come along. No contest.

Matthew said...

Who let Avi Arad start posting on here? ;)

SallyP said...

All the reviews that I have read, have been glowing. I may have to break down and go see this thing.

You can't throw out your "G"s! Howabout one box of your "G" books, and one box of all the rest?