Monday, July 7, 2008

Just Past the "B"s, and Bogged Down by Batman

I was lucky enough to have a very LONG 4th-of-July weekend -- so you'd think I should be just about finished with paring down my comic book collection, right? Well, the process is taking a lot longer than I anticipated due to one little glitch: Going through my old comics is FUN!!!

Many of my comics haven't seen the light of day in over a decade (TWO decades in some cases), so I've been caught up in re-reading comics and going, "Oh, yeah! I remember this! This was great/hilarious/painful/awful/why the hell did I keep this?" Nevertheless, I'm making progress, slowly but surely, and each comic is ending up in one of three piles:

- Comics I'm discarding without a second glance.
- Comics I'm definitely keeping.
- Comics I'm undecided about.

So far, the Discard pile is much larger than the Keep and Undecided piles combined. Thank goodness.

Also, I have a LOT of old Batman, Batman Family, and other Batman-related comics, so it took the better part of last week just to go through those. Ah, but what fun it's been, rediscovering things like:

- Batman's casual sadism, LONG before Frank Miller got a hold of him:

(How convenient that Batman's cape doesn't get sucked into the giant fan. That's just a broken neck waiting to happen: "GRRRKKK-SNAP-blahhhhh!!!!")

- Barbara (Batgirl) Gordon's approach to trying to cure Dick (Robin) Grayson of his chauvinism:

- Fun with Dick and Jane ... er ... Babs (or, nonstop outrageous flirting a la "The Dynamite Duo") AFTER Babs tried to cure Dick of his chauvinism:

- Dick accidentally calling Tim Drake "Jeff" -- and Tim continuing the conversation without skipping a beat. I love editorial boo-boos like that. (Of course, Dick hardly knew Tim at all at this point, and Tim was probably too intimidated to correct him):

(And we won't discuss Tim's obvious obsession with Dick.


I DIDN'T just write that, did I?)

- Man-Bat, God of ... er ... BATS!

- Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition!

That's enough fun with Bat-people for now. On to the "C"s!


Pete said...

Man, I wish I had more old Batman comics.

SallyP said...

Yes, that IS the problem with going through your boxes, you see something that you haven't read in years, sit down...and next thing you know, the entire afternoon is gone.

But it's WORTH it!

Sea_of_Green said...

I was a huge Batman (and Robin) fan during the '70s, in particular, and the Neal Adams version of Batman is still my favorite. My interest in Batman kinda waned after Dark Knight Returns (excellent story, but not my favorite version of Batman), but I collected Batman and Detective Comics all the way up through Tim Drake becoming Robin. That's a LOT of comics to wade through. :-\

Pete said...

Send them to me! I'll do the wading! :D

ComicsAllTooReal's Chris said...

Long ago I used to love these stories. Where I live, I never got the whole deal but I enjoyed it nevertheless. I knew about the supposed romance between Dick and Barbara but never actually saw it... until now! It looks real fun, lol :D