Monday, July 14, 2008

Hal Jordan Envy

It was bad enough when he was trying to compete with Aquaman, but you'd think Wally West (of all people) would know better than to try competing with Hal Jordan.

Just blame it all on Parallax, Wally. You'll feel better.


SallyP said...

Give it UP, Wally! You don't stand a chance, while Hal and Crimson Fox are flashing their pheromones at each other.

I wonder if Hal used his "you've never flown with me..." line on her?

Poor Wally. Cockblocked at every turn.

Sea_of_Green said...

I really think Wally thought the chicks would be hammering his door down once he joined the Justice League. I mean, even Metamorpho was getting some! Problem, though, is that the senior JL tend to be arrogant but very charming jerks -- and Wally was only good at being a jerk. :-)