Sunday, June 29, 2008

On the pruning of a comic book collection

Two days after my tirade, I haven't changed my mind. So, to the beginning of my task, involving the gathering of boxes and stacks of comics from all over the house. Once I have the whole kit 'n' kaboodle together in one place, I can go through my comics and weed out the ones that I either have in trade reprints, or have no desire to ever read again. My goal is to prune down my collection so it will fit in only ONE long box. This will be a bit of a challenge since my collection goes all the way to the early 1960s!

I've already noticed one thing, though. Trade reprints definitely DO take up less space than the original comics. Take the following example. On the left is a hardcover Archive Edition of Green Lantern. On the right is a stack of the comics that appear in the edition. Even though the Archive Edition is hardcover, the stack of comics is STILL slightly thicker, and therefore takes up more space:

Here's another example, this time with a Marvel Essentials collection. Now, Essentials books are NOT in color, so they don't necessarily contain ideal reprints of the original comics. However, LOOK at the difference in SIZE between the Essentials edition (left) and the stack of comics it contains (right):

If nothing else, those Essentials books are spacesavers!

Well, time to go back to pulling boxes out of closets. After that, I begin the painful process of going through my comics to eliminate the ones I don't need, and to say good-bye to old friends -- particularly before Mighty Mite gets ahold of 'em!


SallyP said...

She DOES seem to be completely engrossed in that comicbook! She's adorable AND has good taste.

Good luck with the weeding-out process. The end result of course, is that you will be sitting there for hours, READING instead of weeding.

Sea_of_Green said...

Actually, she was trying to cram the comic book into her eye! Silly baby. :-)

And, yeah, I've been finding myself READING as much as weeding. So far it's been fun, though.