Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Batman vs. Wonder Woman!

Look out, Bats -- Wonder Woman has a rock with YOUR name on it! Literally!

Ummm ... Perhaps I'm being overly simplistic here, Batman, but it seems to me that you should have at least TRIED to duck.

Oh, let's go ahead and add insult to injury. Or at least injury to injury:


Pete said...

What confuses me is, given how strong Wonder Woman purportedly is, why did it take her a solid three shots to put him out?

Undoubtedly he'll play it off as a training exercise. "See, Robin--that's how you take a hit."

You ever wonder if the leaguers sometimes just laugh at him behind his back?

SallyP said...

Of course Wonder Woman is much stronger than Batman. However, I imagine that there was a loooot of built-up frustration there, and she took three shots, just because it FELT SO GOOD! I know that I have frequently wanted to belt Batman myself.

I do know, that Guy would pay good money for a video of this.

Sea_of_Green said...

Pete, I think this scene is definitely proof that Batman has the world's greatest body armor. Otherwise, he should have been dead from just the rock hitting him in the head. I mean, it's a rock AS BIG AS his head, thrown by Wonder Woman!

Sally, I'd like to think that Kyle frequently tells Guy about this incident over a few beers -- except that Wondy took out Kyle just a few pages before this, by head-butting him(!). The poor boy.

SallyP said...

Poor boy indeed.

Riddering said...

She headbutt Kyle? I...I find that adorable for some reason. In my head, comparing a headbutt to what she did to Batman in this post and no doubt what she would have done to Hal if he had already been reborn, it just shows how fond she is of Kyle, really.


Sea_of_Green said...

Well, the headbutt in question was enough to leave an imprint of her tiara in the middle of Kyle's forehead -- THROUGH his mask ...!

Maybe I should post that ...