Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Thank you, Jim Lee!

For a while now, artist Jim Lee has been penciling Frank Miller's woefully hilarious (intentionally or unintentionally) and over-the-top series, All Star Batman and Robin -- a series cheerfully referred to as "Goddamn Batman" by many readers. I know comic book artists have to do their best with the material they're given, but I've been particularly ticked off about how one of my favorite characters, Hal Jordan, has been depicted in the series. Oh, Mr. Lee's art is ALWAYS superb, but I've been feeling (admittedly unfairly) judgmental regarding his treatment of Hal Jordan -- The artist has been "guilty by association" and all that.

That is, I DID feel that way, until THIS showed up in the mail, from a friend:

Oh. Oh my. What a lovely illustration of Hal and Ollie -- and that's just the cover of this excellent little sketchbook of Mr. Lee's. Anyone interested in Mr. Lee's art should grab a copy. The drawings it contains are simply gorgeous!

Thank you, Mr. Lee! Thank you for doing right by my beloved Hard-Traveling Heroes! Please forgive me for getting grumpy at you.


SallyP said...

"woefully hilarious" just about sums it up.

But I am quite entranced by Jim Lee's picture of Hal and Ollie. I like Lee, although he's not my favorite artist, all those odd little lines tend to annoy me. But that's awfully pretty.

Sea_of_Green said...

It just makes me so happy. :-)