Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Project Superpowers: Smorgasboard of obscure Green heroes!

Enthusiasts of obscure Green super-heroes (and I mean the color green, not environmentalism, though some Green heroes are environmentalists) are encouraged to pick up Dynamite Entertainment's current mini-series Project Superpowers! Not only is the story gaining momentum and becoming even more interesting with each issue, the creative team is giving readers new glimpses of old Green super-heroes.

Of course, one of the main characters of Project Superpowers is the Green Lama. Speaking of the Green Lama, Jet Dumont seems to be exhibiting some new powers these days, making him arguably the MOST "green" of Green heroes:

For the next Green hero sighting: They haven't appeared in the actual story (at least not yet), but take a look at who's included in the "Golden Age Character Sketches" section of issue #2. Why, it's the original Green Mask, and his trusty sidekick, Domino the Miracle Boy!

And from issue #0 -- hey, is that Green Giant fighting with that equally huge bad guy (with Green Lama and friend in the foreground)?

Kudos to Alex Ross, Jim Krueger, et al, for the good work on this series. Any chance we'll get to see the Green Turtle anytime soon, guys? ;-)


SallyP said...

Goodness! That's a lot people! Actually, when I saw this listed, with the Green Lama, I thought of you.

Sea_of_Green said...

Green Lama RULES!!!! ;-)