Monday, May 19, 2008

Carol Ferris and the Exploding Bra of Doom!

Poor Carol Ferris. Granted, some Green Lantern fans think she's kinda bitchy. However, she also receives many kudos from many other fans for being a very tough and independent woman -- especially since she's the longtime on-again/off-again love interest of Hal Jordan, who most CERTAINLY is NOT the easiest of men to put up with. (Really, being Hal Jordan's boss AND girlfriend is enough to make anyone bitchy.)

However, despite not having been around in the comics as long as Lois Lane, Carol Ferris has been subjected to more insults and injuries than just about any other super-hero's girlfriend. Over the years, poor Carol has been:

- Possessed by alien crystals.
- Kidnapped by villains and aliens of various sorts.
- Shot by various energy weapons.
- Rendered paralyzed (temporarily).
- Framed for murder.
- Used as an accomplice to murder.
- Subjected to having HER OWN murder faked.
- Subjected to alien possessions resulting in an interdimensional(?) pregnancy (or, at least, that's what appears to have happened ...).
- Enslaved by alien slave traders.
- Subjected to losing her company, and then getting it back, and then losing it again, and then getting it back again, etc., etc. -- through going bankrupt, through corporate takeover, and through having it blown up various times.
- Subjected to losing her boyfriend, and then getting him back, and then losing him again, and then getting him back, and then losing him again -- and then getting him back only to have him go crazy, DIE, come back to life, and get a new girlfriend...!

And -- hey -- Carol was once possessed by BOTH Star Sapphire AND Eclipso at the same time--!

Not to mention all those weird things that went on with Carol's various family members, especially her dad ...

Through it all, Carol has managed to stay sane, which is quite admirable considering the sheer number (and varieties) of indignities she's endured.

What's the worst indignity Carol Ferris has ever suffered? Arguably, it was probably the time she was kidnapped by Conrad Bloch and had a bomb strapped to her. The bomb, as this section from the cover of Green Lantern #140 (1981) shows, was molded and affixed to a VERY conspicuous part of Carol Ferris' anatomy:

Wow. Bombs come in a C-cup size. Ya learn something new every day.

Granted, Hal Jordan has also endured many embarrassing situations over the years, but nothing quite like this. In all fairness, he really should be subjected to a comparable indignity. It's LONG overdue.

So, Green Lantern creative team ... When are you gonna strap an exploding jock strap onto Hal Jordan? Huh? Huh? When?!?


Scipio said...

Zowie; it's gives new meaning to "lift and separate".

SallyP said...

Now that's just wrong. What kind of villain thinks up an exploding bra? On the other hand, I think that an exploding jock strap would probably be the one thing in the universe that would scare the crap out of Hal Jordan.

I actually like Carol. I just think that she can do better than Hal.

Sea_of_Green said...

Yeah, I always figured the Carol-and-Hal relationship was based more on mutual obsession than on any real affection. Carol's probably a victim of that old problem that most people suspect when they can't understand why one person stays with another person: "He must be good in the sack!" ;-)