Monday, January 28, 2008

"New arrow's a success! Time to GET NAKED!"

Sally at Green Lantern Butts Forever has issued a challenge! I'm now on a quest to find evidence of some of the weirdest arrows in Green Arrow's arsenal. Well, I'm still looking through my comic collection for some truly good ones. For the time being, though, I DID find this nifty little sequence showing Oliver Queen's approach to fine-tuning and testing his arrows:

Okay, so I guess the cocoon arrow is a bit weird, but ... Gosh, I wonder if Ollie strips all the way down to his birthday suit after EVERY successful arrow test? I'll bet he ain't even wearing socks. Woo hoo!

(We never see Hal Jordan strip after testing his power ring, though. Hardly seems fair.)


SallyP said...

Holy...!! That's fantastic! Arrows AND beefcake!

You know the part that I love? The sight of Ollie hunched over in his crappy old basement, working next to the furnace, with spiderwebs and stuff in the ceiling beams. What happened to the Arrowcave? This must be afer he lost all his money.

I used to have a furnace like that. An old converted coal furnace that was totally inefficient. I called it Lolita.

FoldedSoup said...

From the looks of that workshop, he should be working on a "Rat-Trap" arrow.

Come to think of it... that'd be awesome! And something you can make at home yourself! Just screw on one of those wooden spring traps to the head of the shaft...

Twang! Smack! *SNAP!* YOUTCH!!!

Sea_of_Green said...

Yeah, that image of Ollie in his workshop is from when he was dirt poor. Isn't that a great drawing, though? :-) No one draws Ollie better than Mike Grell does, in my opinion.

"Arrows and beefcake" sounds like a Blog name. Or a rock band. ;-)

I never encountered a furnace like that, but my old dormitory had an ancient elevator named Otis. Otis was always breaking down and trapping people.