Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Worst Long-Term (but Temporary) Superhero Hairstyles

And we can all be grateful that these hairstyles WERE temporary! Sure, maybe other superheroes have had worse temporary hairstyles, but these are the ones that stand out for me:

Superman with a mullet:

Storm with a mohawk:

Peter Parker with a perm:

(Maybe the thing that "still isn't right" is your hair, Petey!)

Power Girl with Eighties Hair (with headband!):

(Personally, I don't think Power Girl's hair looks that bad, but Mr. Sea has an issue with it and insisted that I post it.)

Black Canary with BIG Eighties Hair (with headband!):

Guy Gardner with a bowl cut (no, Guy Gardner did NOT start off with a bowl cut, and he does NOT have one now!):

Now, now, Guy -- no need to get upset.

Hal Jordan with Reed Richards hair:

Vixen with Wolverine hair:

(Note to DC heroes: DO NOT look to Marvel heroes for hairstyle ideas! It's always a BAD idea!)

Dick Grayson with a mullet, which he also wore in a pony tail and in a sort-of-braided-rat-tail thing:

Actually, Dick Grayson has a very long history of bad hair. I mean, he spent his entire childhood with THIS hair:

I mean, what IS that? But then, what else should be expected from a teenager in green shorts and pixie boots? But ya gotta give him props for being brave enough (or stupid enough) to go out in public like that.


Anonymous said...

Dick has a long history of horrible hair. I think the mullet takes the cake, though. Superman's was worse, but mullets always look bad.

FoldedSoup said...

Sue Storm Mullet FTW!

Oh, and Longshot.

Oh, oh! Anything drawn by Liefield.

SallyP said...

God, the '80's were just a horrible decade for hair, weren't they? I think that Nightwing's and Superman's mullets were the worst, although Soup is right, and Sue's mullet was HIDEOUS!

And yes, Guy didn't start out with that ridiculous haircut, I think that it was Byrne who gave it to him in "Legends". Something else has has to answer for. And YES, it drives me nuts that some artists are STILL drawing him with the "Moe" cut. Look at Gleason and Reis...THEY do it right!

Booster always had nice hair though.

Sea_of_Green said...

Dick Grayson, sadly, has had bad hair more often than he's had good hair throughout his history. Which is a darn shame because I had a huge crush on him when I was a kid.

And, yes, Sue Storm's mullet was bad, but Dick Grayson's was worse. And did Longshot ever have any style other than a mullet?

Poor Guy. He never asked for that bad hair. :-(

artdyke said...

what?! storm's mohawk is crazy hot! :(

athens_321 said...

A mullet is a HAIRCUT that is short on top and sides, but long in the back. Superman's long hair doesn't fit this definition. If anyone read the Return of Superman storyline they would realize it would be impossible. His hair grew long while his body was recovering in a cocoon-like contraption after the attack from Doomsday. His hair was combed back on the sides, which leads many people to believe that it was cut. In truth, Superman can't even get his hair cut because it would break any scissors/clippers attempting to do so. He sported the long hair until he temporarily lost his powers and was able to go to a local barber shop, just in time for his wedding.

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