Saturday, December 22, 2007

Hal Jordan's Butt Forever!

In 1959, Gil Kane designed a flying superhero with a nice, light build and a fabulous backside that was NOT hidden by a cape or cloak -- and admirers of the male form have been grateful ever since. For the benefit of those admirers (particularly Sally at Green Lantern Butts Forever! Happy Anniversary, Holidays, and New Year's to you, Sally!), following is an artists' history of the superhero in question: Hal (Green Lantern) Jordan.

Now, some people may notice that a few noteworthy Green Lantern artists, such as Ethan Van Sciver and Darwyn Cooke, are missing from this list. Sadly, not all Green Lantern artists have depicted Hal Jordan with a clearly defined posterior, so they are (reluctantly) not represented here. Also, there are no images of Hal as Parallax or the Spectre (darn those capes and cloaks!), and no images of other Lanterns, due to space considerations and the fact that there are more than enough images of Hal's backside to go around!

Gil Kane, 1959:

Gil Kane, 1966, and through most of the 1960s:

Mike Sekowsky, 1968:

Dick Dillin, 1970:

Neal Adams, 1970:

Dick Giordano, 1973:

Irv Novick, 1973:

Dick Dillin, 1974:

Mike Grell, 1978:

Alex Saviuk, 1978:

Don Heck, 1979:

Joe Staton, 1980. Here Hal is wearing only part of his uniform:

Jim Starlin, 1980:

Dave Cockrum, 1980:

Joe Staton again, 1981, and through most of the 1980s:

Keith Pollard, 1982:

George Tuska, 1983:

Dave Gibbons, 1983:

Ian Gibson, 1987:

John Byrne, 1987:

Tod Smith, 1988:

Richard Howell, 1988:

Gil Kane, 1988:

Eduardo Barreto, 1989:

Pat Broderick, 1992:

Tim Hamilton, 1992:

Ron Randall, 1992:

Andy Smith, 1992:

Mark Badger, 1993:

Gene Ha, 1993:

Craig Hamilton, 1994:

Joe Phillips, 1995. Here Hal is wearing Kyle Rayner's old uniform:

Paul Pelletier, 1998:

Cully Hamner, 1999:

Matt Smith, 1999:

Barry Kitson, 1999:

Gil Kane, one last time, 2000:

Seth Fisher, 2001:

Norm Breyfogle, 2002:

Brent Anderson, 2002:

Alan Davis, 2004:

Carlos Pacheco, 2005:

Simone Bianchi, 2006:

Ivan Reis, 2006:

Ed Benes, 2007:

Alex Ross, 2007:

George Perez, 2007:

Following are a few random images by unknown artists. I'd be most grateful if anyone can identify these artists for me:

Whew! Thatsa lotta butts. Well, I'm outta here for the holidays -- going to Florida to visit my dad. Everyone have a safe and happy holiday season!

-- Sea of Green


SallyP said...

Sea...I am in AWE of your dedication to this completely worthwhile endeavor!


I will of course be stealing any number of these, but I do have to say that there are some truely MAGNIFICENT behinds depicted! It is obvious that the thought of drawing Hal's well-muscled buttocks is a labor of love!

I...I have to go and lie down for a while.

And Merry Christmas to you too!

Erich said...

The second and third of those "unknown" panels look like Kevin Nowlan to me...

Sea_of_Green said...

Oh, by all means, Sally! Steal away! :-)

Kevin Nowlan, huh? Thanks, Erich -- I'll look into that!

notintheface said...

I think the first is Steve Ditko inked by Art Thibert.

pandowl said...

I have truely stumbled upon something magnificant. To think I didn't know the wonder of such a lovely behind! Thank you for opening my eyes.