Sunday, November 18, 2007

And now for a little artwork: Brett Breeding

Brett Breeding is perhaps best known for his work on Superman -- particularly his inks for The Death of Superman. However, posted here are NOT drawings of Superman but a figure study of Hal (Green Lantern) Jordan by Mr. Breeding. I like having these drawings for a rather odd reason. As a lifelong Green Lantern fan, I've always partly blamed the downfall of Hal Jordan on the death and resurrection of Superman. Hal Jordan has been back as a Green Lantern for quite some time now, and Mr. Breeding did the following drawings just last year (2006). I get a bit of a kick out of having drawings of the resurrected Hal Jordan by one of the artists who worked on the death of Superman. It just strikes me as being a little ironic.


SallyP said...

My goodness, but those are lovely drawings. I am also pleased that there is the obligatory rear end shot. Seriously, how can you do a figure study of Hal without one?

Sea_of_Green said...

It's tradition! Blame it on Gil Kane. ;-) You just CAN'T do a series of drawings featuring Hal Jordan without including at least one of his glorious backside. ;-)

Jon said...

At least one of these drawings-- the front view of Hal-- was penciled by me. I penciled a large number of GL drawings for DC Licensing in 2009 that Brett inked. The front view in this set of turnarounds is one of those. I'm happy to see it turn up!